No Smoking Day

really tearful today

I am having a strange day today. I am on day 21 but its day 2 of no patches. I know that i shouldnt be going without but i thought i would give it a try.

I am really tearfull and quite stressed. I want to keep going without the patches because i have done nearly 48 hours and if i know i wont go buy any cigerettes then that good isnt it.

I have quite a bit of stress with my eldest son. He has walked out of college, has speeding fines to pay, only has a couple of shifts in a part time job every week, stays in bed like a lazy sod everyday, says I have a go at him all the time. All i want it for him to get out of bed and get a full time job and pay his bills.

I broke down today, i was sobbing. I feel really upset. Do you think its because the nicotine is leaving my body.

Honestly do you think i should carry on the patches or now i have done 2 days keep going without?? Ohh i feel confused.:(

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It probably is the nicotene, its up to you when you face the withdrawal, now or later, but i can safely say WE ALL have had the big crying, life is ending, world is so crap days, and more than once!!!

Stay strong, it will brighten!!!:)


Oh Flippy I know how you're feeling - I was just the same the other night. I gave in and cried my eyes out. It helped, as did the wonderful support I got from this site. Keep talking to us - we want to help.

ps - I'm also a member of the "bloody lazy teenage kids are more trouble than they're worth club" although mine's a girl!


I dont know if I am crying because He is driving me mad and feel like I cannot do anymore to help him. Or i am crying because i am not smoking so feeling more stressy.

I dont want to put the patch on if i dont need it and really this giving up smoking lark is all about whether or not you actually want to do it. If you do then you dont smoke, simple. If you give in then you re not 100% commited. I am 100% commited this time.

But can't stop crying.:mad:


Hehehehe Well done boudee x x x x

Flippy please look after yourself don't try and be a martyr x x x x

As my eldest goes through these teenage moments albeit he's only 15, I start to panic!! I find it much harder. My sticker charts just don't seem to do much for him :confused: :p

But when I will have the middle 3 together as teens I don't know if I will survive it!!

My teen can reduce me to tears out of shear frustration at the best of times.

Only you have the answers flippy but you have to be quite selfish, if mum aint happy, nobody's happy ;)


~Buffy x x


aw flippy, they can be trying these little people who think they are adult

you would be upset anyway but the nicotine with drawel is making you feel vulnerable

poor you

if you need him to get up and he won't chuck water at him and cut his plugs of from his telly and computer :D

I put water over my boys head last year when 'he' decided 'he' was too tired for school today :D best I could do given he's twice my size :(

If I take away laptop time the world caves in :rolleyes:

pathetic but sometimes I do give in for a quiet life!

He isn't as bad as he was before though


I use the water treatment quite a lot, it does seem to work and it is non violent so it is good in my book

i have got there beds and carpets wet a few times :o

Phew thought I was off my trolley :D

I am not alone x x x

Bugger is, it's me that had to change the bloody bedding :o


hehe and me

there is me looking dead smug that they are wet and i have won and then i have to head for the airing cupboard :rolleyes:

what are we like hey? :o

Like mothers slowly losing grasp of reality because the kids driven us to despair? :D


yeah and they bloody know it

i reckon they do a bookie run on which one can do the final push :o

*hahahahahahahahaha* my god woman I believe you may well be right there! :D


Hey Flippy,

It is the nicotine making you so emotional. Understand I am your typical stupid man who "refuses" to cry, so like every other stupid man we express our frustration in another form called anger. I was pretty ashamed of myself day 3 when I smashed the phone into little pieces for ringing out of this anger.

Anyhow, yes.. it is normal. The nicotine withdrawal is creating anxiety, you are experiencing an "empty" feeling, Your confidence level will be down, It will be hard for you to stay calm.

Understand this though. If there is one thing I have noticed more then anything from being nicotine free, my "rage" has gone down in life. I used to get pissed each and every time I got behind the wheel of my car because I hated the other drivers on the road. I was always on the verge of road rage. Since I have been nicotine free I have noticed a "significant" improvement in that area of my life. Trust me I still "hate" the people on the road, but I at least no longer wish them harm for being too stupid to drive! :D

I know the constant withdrawal from nicotine while smoking contributed to my overall anger/frustration in life and I am glad to be free of that. Life provides enough stress without adding more with the constant drug addiction/withdrawal to nicotine.


I went to be really early last night because i was freaking out and was going to make myself look like a right idiot.

I am now on day 22, day 3 without a patch. While lying in bed i was thinking I would put a patch on today but isnt day 3 the day when my body will finally be free from nicotine. So shouldnt I reallyput one on now i am on day 3 should I???

I want to be nicotine free but i am scared i am going to do it all wrong.


Well I put a patch on today. I am going to carry on the course because i want to sucessed and by doing the 12 weeks i will have a better chance. But if i feel i dont need a patch one day then i wont and if i do i will.

I have come to far to go back to smoking now.


Thanks, I sound a bit confused dont I. My mind is playing silly games with me.


So glad you can see your way through the foggy parts!!

Quitting does play too many mind games :(

Stay strong

~Buffy x x


Ohh i can talk rubbish a lot so just go with it. LOL:o


Ohh i can talk rubbish a lot so just go with it. LOL:o

Phew, once again I do not feel so alone :D

~Buffy x x


I dont have children, and have never wanted them. OK, thats the starter for 10. Having a ciggie wont solve a problem, it wont solve my knackered out old van from stopping on an auto route, wont stop mr (sodding) fox from eating my chickens and geese, and though it may sound harsh, wont get your kids up in the morning.

However, maybe asking him what he wants to do with life might help. what does he want to do? There are so many (useful) apprenticeships about nowadays - plumbing, joinery, electrician etc that when I left school were for people who couldn't do anything else.

Nowadays people with a trade are in demand, not just in uk but world wide. Try getting a decently trained roofer here in france, and you could wait 18 months, and still pay €10,000 for one with good skills.

Communication can be difficult, but when I read your post, I thought about how much is open to the to younger people today. The world now is their oyster, try getting him enthusiastic about his own future

But dont smoke, do something positive, for all your sakes


Sorry, did that sound too harsh?


Flippy dont beat yourself a 41 male and i have had tearfull days since stopping smoking do i care if people want to laugh at me for it, nope i dont give a damn.i cant help with your son cos my kids are only 12 and 6 but like the advice on here is your not stopping nicotine your stopping smoking on this battle the next battle is the nicotine monster.

hope things get better for you


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