No Smoking Day

Hello... I'm new!

Hi All!

I've been creeping around this forum for a couple of days now, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce myself and share my experiences with you all. I couldn't find a 'Introduce Yourself' bit of the forum, so apologies if this is the wrong place.

Anyhow.... about me.

Well I'm 36 years old and am a relatively late starter. I started smoking about 8 years ago. Let's just say that it was a 'way to relax'... I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. Before I knew it, it had hold. A smoke with a beer led to a smoke when I got home from work which led to a smoke at lunch which led to a smoke for breakfast which led to, well, a smoke for the sake of it.

Ok, so I got myself up to about 10 cigs a day. Not a number I'm proud of. I'm not proud for two main reasons : 1. my Dad tells everyone that his children are all non smokers (yep, I was a secret 'toker) 2. my Dad is now in his 3rd month as a non smoker after about 55 years of '10-20 a day.

I decided to stop on the 31st August. No reasons, other than the guy sitting opposite me announced he had quit. So I thought 'Hmm, wonder whether I can beat him.' I fell off the wagon the next day at a party. In fact, in denial I decided 'just the one'. Oh yeah, right? Well it was one. One packet of 20. I was disgusted with myself the next day, but here I am, a non smoker since the 2nd of September.

I learned from this that there is no such thing as 'just one'. It doesn't work like that. 'Just one' leads to 'just one MORE'. The first day was horrible as I felt edgy and had to break the habit of lighting up. I soon realised by about day three that I didn't want to smoke, I was just a machine, doing what I had programmed myself to do. Once I became a little more 'self aware' it has become easier.

So here I am on day number.... Well, I'm not counting. I know it's over a week - but only JUST over a week, so I'm not getting complacent about it. I know that I'm at a particularly dangerous stage of quitting because my guard will be dropping. I'm already seeing the differences in my health : my breathing is easier, I can taste London smog now! (Nice eh?), my blood pressure has dropped, my sense of smell has improved. My 'coughing up a lung' routine of a morning is lessening.

I am determined not to relapse at any point, so this is the main reason for my posting here. I need to make a shameful admission to keep me off the weed: I'm an NLP practitioner! So what? Well, these skills have enabled me the reward of helping a number of people to quit smoking! I am ashamed that I have been secretly smoking whilst helping others to quit.

Anyway. I've rambled on enough. This has been a great help for me! Now that I have announced that I have quit, I *have* to remain quit!

Thanks to you all. In the last couple of days your stories have been inspirational - I'm honoured to be in such good company.



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Hello Diablo x x x x

Welcome to the Forum :D

There is no safe length of time or number of cigs x x

Your quit is a very wise choice and I am very pleased to hear that you are doing so well x x x x

The first week is the hardest and you have bounced past it!! :D

Stay strong and keep posting ;)

Grats to your dad too!!

~Buffy x x



Congrats on your quit you are doing really well allready well done. You sound very focused so good luck keep strong Linda xxxx



You are doing super. Keep going and don't look back now! You are on your 8th day today and this day can be a very very hard one. Stay strong and don't let your guard down. You are doing an amazing thing for yourself. :D


Many thanks to you all for your kind words of support.

Last night was a difficult night's sleep (typical of this stage of cold turkey, so I'm told).

At least today I can say "Well actually, I'm grumpy but it's *not* because I'm giving up smoking...."





Hehehehe x x x x

The sleep is tough though it turns around and then sleep is the best ever!!

I sleep better than I have ever done,

I used to always struggle sleep wise.

now I go out like a light and wake at a reasonable hour!!

so hang on to the light at the end of the tunnel x x

~Buffy x x


Hi Daiblo and Welcome

Just to say you are not alone and that we are all going through the same experience - at times euphoric that we have done it and at others down right depressing. But by sticking together we help one another through those difficult moments.

I think I read somewhere that NHS staff are or were collectively one of the highest groups of people who smoke - due to the stress, long hours etc. Nobody gives up cos they know it's bad for them, they give up because they want to and we all have to find that place and time when that is right. Well done you for finding your time and doing over a week is fantastic.

I have been suffering with sleepless nights though I have been getting a little more sleep recently which is more helpful - it will get better. I have found listening to music to be such a help to me particulalry when i've not been able to sleep. I have come on here and spoken with NS4M who is often on here in the early hours as she lives in Canada and has trouble sleeping also.

Everyone on the site is very helpful and supportive as you have seen from Buffy and Boudee and the rest of the amazing people. Just keep posting and we'll keep supporting.

You can do it.



Thanks again for all your support.

Work has been hell today. Trying to make people in Vienna understand me (i'm not sure if I'm stupid, they are stupid or the accents just aren't working) meant I was climbing up the walls by the end of the day.

Immediately after the call I put the phone down, left the office and went and stood in smoker's corner before I realised that one again I was just 'running programs.'

So I came back in and sat down and decided to snoop around here!

THEN I realised WHY I started smoking in the first place. (I wandered through a thread and saw some pictures of you guys.) "Hello Buffy!" I remembered : I started smoking so that I could flirt with women. Sad isn't it? The 'bad girls' always were the ones who smoked - I just did it too boost my confidence! :o


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