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hi every1

Hi there, well ive been browsing this forum for a few weeks now, and its such an inspiration reading all the posts from people who have been smoking so much for so long. :) i have taken my first champix tablet today at 10.45 :eek: , after trying zyban before, it did help and i was down to 2 a day, but i was week and started again...

Im determined this time. i dont know what day im going to give up on yet but i think day 8.

Thanks for reading and ill kepp you posted..

And well done to all those who have quit and good luck to those still trying...


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Hello Bev :D

Welcome to the site x x x x

Ooooh first pill !!

hope it went well for you x x

Do keep us posted and I wish you all the best of luck in your quit.

The first major step is the decision and

now your step 2 of doing something about it!

Well Done!!

~Buffy x x



I only joined yesterday but everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging. It's really helpful to know that there are people who a) understand what it is that you're trying to do and b) really do care about how it's going for you.

Good luck x


Hi Bev

Welcome and best of luck with the quit, keep us posted, :)


Hi Bev and to the forum!

Hope you find Champix as good as I did, especially as we have similar experiences with Zyban. Still gotta work at it of course but with the help of some very good people on here, you can do it!;)

best of luck:D



Thankyou all for your welcome... i think with me its very psycological as today i have smoked less than i normally do.. Smoking in the garden probably helps.

I remember when i tried to give up before, i saved aload of cig ends and put them in a jar with water then when i fancied one i took a sniff of the jar :o it really did make me feel sick, I might do that again this time..

I have just had my dinner and guess wot.. yes first thing after was the garden for a fag :o ...

Well it is only 1st day taking tablets..


As a problematic ciggy it's good to find something else to do.

Clear up and / or have a tea mint/green/fruit/ordinary!!

Or take a bath/ shower etc you get the jist :D hehehe

~Buffy x x


Hi Bev.

Welcome. I am new also and the people are friendly. Join the quiz tomorrow night. Watch out for Poppyfairy though.


Hiya Bev!:D


you'll get loads of support on here and we're all friendly and happy, it's nice to have people who have, or are going through the same thing:D

i'm on the champix i'm into my 3rd week of not smoking! and to be honest i'm finding it pretty easy!(but i think i'm finding it easier because i've only smoked regularly for the last 12 years!but i had got to smoking 20 a day, more if i went out:eek: ) it's as if i've never smoked before, and i find the champix help me to forget that i smoked in the first place!

hope it works the same for you.

loads & loads of good luck.YOU CAN DO THIS!!;)



Hi bev, (great name by the way, same as mine)

Welcome to our forum, 174

I am on day ? can't remember now on champix anyway and it is good.

Make sure you eat before you take them though, or you might get the sicky tummy.

I am sure you will be fine, you will find loads of tips and advice and just someone to chat to if thats what helps.

Befly x x


Welcome and Good Luck with you quit. The 1st step of quitting is choosing to quit, it's one of the hardest things to bring yourself to do. But your here now, and so are we, to help you through it! Again Good Luck.:)


176 ;)

You can do it. We are all here rooting for eachother. We post on good days, bad days and inbetween days. No posts are too harsh for us and there isn't too many things we can't handle as a team :cool: Keep posting!


Wow every1 is so nice on here :D i took my second tablet earlier, no real sickness, I think the hardest part for me is that my husband smokes and he wont be giving up, he has multiple sclerosis and the stress would do more harm than good, the doctor has told me he cant have champix either, and as im his carer, i am around him 24/7, well will power will have to work coz im determined...

Any1 else with someone who not giving up?


Thanks for all replies


Me :D

My partner still smokes though I have just reached my 6 month he has started to cut down a lot!! and now uses herbal baccy more often than not !!

You get used to be a non smoker with a smoker !!

Does he put them somewhere you can't find them?


No, we smoke tobacco and at the moment its kept everywhere :D by the back door, in the wardrobe, kitchen drawers..

Im hoping and praying that the champix will make me not want one, we started smoking out the bak and he had a crafty one and took it upstairs and threw it down the toilet, and i could smell it up there (horrible).

Still havent decided which day im gonna give up on yet either..



Sneaky lol

He'll have to keep his in a box with a key and go outside!! :p

Give it a few days and I am sure the day will present itself to you :)


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