Day 61

Hi folks

i hope evry1 had a smokefree weekend, weather wasnt bad for a change still back to work.

Dragged my sorry arse out of bed for the gym this morning had a session of weights definately noticing some muscle definition on my arms and chest, i think thats why my weight has gone up, got rid of fat and turned it to muscle. i weighed myself this morning and ive gone up again i think its 50/50 muscle gain and being a fat bast**d, i need to lose weight.

I have reduced my champix down to one tablet a day i have cut out the evening one hopefully help the sleeping problem but after 4 days still having disturbed sleep. havent noticed any difference reducing champix tablets down to one, dont think about smoking at all now. Thats one wish nearly done, the other twos wishes are a lottery win and a busty blonde/redhead nymphomaniac, dont think i have much chance with either of those remaining wishes.

Smokeless nice to see your still smokefree nice to hear from you keep it.

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  • Well Done Andy :D

    Sounds like you got the upper hand now ;)

    Keep those weights up and the redhed/blonde nympho may well turn up :D hehehe

  • hehe ur a red head Buff arnt you? :p :rolleyes: :D

    what top and tail ? lol

  • Rofl I say Collar and cuffs :p

    I am not a redhead just have inherited a copper tone :p

    And yes my collar and cuffs match :p hehehehe

  • Boudee splutters and chokes at Buff :D

    *Blushes* ........................................

  • Rofl I say Collar and cuffs :p

    I am not a redhead just have inherited a copper tone :p

    And yes my collar and cuffs match :p hehehehe

    OOOOOh Buffers your such a tease

    You have made a old man very happy or should that be happy man very old.

    have you gone the whole hog and had a brazilian hehehe.

    God i need to find a woman soon, i am getting really sad hheheheheheh.

  • Boudee splutters and chokes at Buff :D

    I cant decide whose worse buffs or boudee

  • *giggle*

    random image to try and rescue this thread :rolleyes:

  • :eek: My laptop laughed when I posted *giggle* !!!!

    hahahaha Cool!! ROFL what else does that work for?

    Does anyone know about this :confused:

  • Buffy

    bloody cheek I aint that old, i am really hurt now aaahhh.

    Did you have a good weekend and enjoy your days out and all that food, weather was great for you and family

  • *giggle*

    I said it was a random image :p not relevent to the convo I am sure you have a few more teeth than that :D

    Ahh the weekend was wicked and the weather superb!!

    I got a bit burnt :p

    I am absolutely knackered now though >_< Can't guess how much walking I have done!! but my pins are hurting!!

  • uhhhhhh ooohhhhh BOUDEEEEE!!!! I thought we were naughty the other day about the panties, but my oooooo and buffy take the cake.....erm...naughty naughty ladies! :eek:

  • *snigger*

    Not naughty just too honest :D hehehe

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