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Day 4 - Champix question

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Hi Guys and girlies,

Today is day 4 of my not smoking - I stopped on the 2nd day of taking the 0.5mg tablets twice daily. Today I was due to start the blue 1mg tablets twice a day, however, I have concerns about doing this. As I have managed on the 0.5mg and stopped I don't really want to up the dose when I don't need it. So as I was on nights last night I was unable to take my tablet at the normal time, I have taken half of one of the blue ones when I got up and will take the other half later to keep the dosage the same. Has anyone else done this at all? Sorry for questions, I am not due to see my cessation clinic nurse until the 29th and being bank holiday she is not able to call. Thanks in advance.

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Hi there turbogirl,

I am sure it wouldn't hurt to carry on taking 0.5mg twice a day, if you feel that you are coping fine on that amount. I would carry on with what you are doing until you see your nurse but I doubt if she would be able to advise you any more than someone on here could, as my nurse doesnt have a clue about champix. Obviously if you start to feel like it isn't enough then take the proper amount.

Good luck and stay strong,

Befly x x:D :D


i am on champix turbogal, i would take the correct dose for a while, only because, when u give up, u have this massive willpower and it gets u through the first week or so, and then you need 'something' to get u through the next stage. Medically, i dont think it matters a hoot if u miss or take the lower dose ( i wouldnt up the dose tho) my doctor told me to come off it slowly, eg; from 2 tabs to 1 and half, to 1 etc.

i think it is personal preference and its up to u, but this is my view, for what its worth, take care and keep posting x

btw, i am on 1 and a half now woooooooow , but i would go back to 2, if things get tough x

I follow another forum where chantix has been available for longer so doctors and users have more experience than us in the England.Well done on your quit.I would use what you need.Lots of people are having problems with the quit after 3 or 6 months so if you can manage on less then all the better and well done.


I've now cut down to 0.5mg Champix twice daily as I was becoming a bit nauseous on the 1mg ones, and, to be honest, felt my head was being messed about a bit... my GP was quite happy to lower the dose...

All seems to be going well... so far the Cravings aren't there but it's amazing how many Triggers are! Still, they only last a few seconds and even if a bit longer, I know they'll pass... I'm also deliberately not changing my main habits just to get rid of triggers... I'm hoping that it won't be too long before I can lead pretty much my usual, old way of life but without any triggers kicking in... well, that's the idea!

It is of course all a day at a time...

I must say that reading all your entries is a real help... real people and very interesting too..

Hello Luke x x x

Good idea on not changing too much x x

It takes 28 days for a habit to form or be undone so they say ;)

So week 4 should mark the end of the association of smoking with triggers.

Stay strong x x

~Buffy xx

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