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1 Week


Well nearly 1 week done.I think after the last slip up that this time i am really ready to quit for good.Somehow it never seemed forever last time.I have got my head around me being a none smoker.Part of me was still thinking of me as a smoking body without a smoke.I now know my body can cope better without a fag,and i can cope and enjoy life without a fag ever again.Fags are not a part of my life that is natural and not needed.I cant remember much about living without fags so i think that is why it was hard to get my head round it.Will stay on champix for the month is the plan but found last time i felt better without after 17 days

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I was just posting on another thread about the realisation that your body can actually function perfectly well without nicotine. When you've been a smoker for as long as you can remember, it's easy to believe that's not the case.

Well done on nearly completing your week and remaining so positive.


Seems i used them all my life.Like crutches,now i will walk without them,so to speak.

Heya Justin x x

Well done on week 1 x x

And thanks for your support in the other thread x x x x

We can do this, even if we slip up, the mind set to carry on will benefit us massive!!

It is about the cigarettes we havn't smoked not the ones we have, every smoke we don't have is an achievement.

~Buffy x x

Hi Buffy,glad you are doing ok,nice pic by the way

Thanks x x Happy you are going good too x x and that we gave each other a second chance!

Glad you like the pic :D

which pic? :o

Another attempt.....

I signed up on here a couple of months ago cos I thought it'd be good support and would really help - I never gave it a chance though and I'm sorry to say I failed.

I'm now having another attempt and feel much more positive this time. Once I have slept tonight I will have done a whole week - complete cold turkey !!

Today has been a bad day though, simply because it's Friday - the day I norrmally get home from work, crack open a bottle of wine and smoke my way through at least 10 fags in a couple of hours. I've given the wine a miss though and kept myself busy and figured I leave it until next week before I chanced a tipple. :p

Anyway, that's enough about me, well done everyone. What a great website this is for supporting one another.

Hey justin good to see you strong and smoke-free! :)

Yeah most of us have smoked for so long it's kind of mesmerizing at first to have to picture ourselves in everyday's life without cigarettes :eek: I decided to trick myself into thinking it was a liberating thing, otherwise I couldn't have come up with the decision to quit in the first place :p Well, fortunately it really IS a liberation, to be able to live without having to stop every freaking minute in the most inappropriate situations in order to light up one. God knows I felt soooo pathetic most of the times :rolleyes:

Hi Allibobs and welcome.

Wow you have done so well to get to a week cold turkey that is fab!

Probably a good idea not risking the wine yet though, it can be very hard to start with.

Well done and keep posting to let us know how you are doing,

Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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