No Smoking Day
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WOW Day 28 fffffour weeks i am amazed, i would just like to thank a few people, especially my old friend Champix for making this all possible thanks, and a big Thank you to everyone on this forum cheers peeps.:rolleyes:

How is everyone this morning all in good cheer i hope.

For all the ladies that have your adorable little angels home for SIX weeks you have my deepest sympathy, if you can make it through the next six weeks without a ciggy you can congratulte yourself your a star.

Well managed to get to the gym today just, nearly went back to bed but resisted had a good workout on the cross trainer (silly question why is it cross) and showered feel much better after a workout have managed 4 days out of four this week. I seem to be doing a lot of snacking at work, replacing eating snacks when i would normally go out and have a ciggy trying to eat healthy stuff like bananas and ryvita minis sweet chilli are the best flavour, i have noticed pangs are getting fewer and fewer still a long way to go though.

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