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Hi new here! I started taking Chantix June 28th and haven't smoked since July 3rd. I have to say it is a wonder drug because I haven't had to battle it at all. But when everyone said that I would feel so much better and that I would have a better sense of taste and all that! I don't feel any different! I didn't feel bad in the first place and I smoked close to a pack a day. When am I supposed to feel "different?" I am glad that I have quit though don't get me wrong, just wondering.

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  • Hi Grammad,

    Firstly well done on getting this far. Everyone's different and so everyone has a different frame of reference to compare how they feel now compared to how they used to.

    From my experience I'm not conscious of feeling better - in fact after 5 weeks, I still feel pretty rubbish some days, that said I've noticed some measurable differences since quitting smoking.

    For example for many months previous to quitting I used to cough very badly every morning. The cough was noticeably less after three days and completely gone after 1 week and I don't produce endless amounts of catarh like I used to.

    My blood pressure was in the high category the day after quitting and was in the normal catergory 4 weeks after quitting. I don't notice that food tastes "better" but I notice that I've had to cut down from a round reaspoon of sugar in coffee a half spoon for it to taste the same and that some things now taste very strong.

    One of the most beneficial differences is that I go out most evenings for a short bike ride weather permitting and since quitting I'm very noticeably less breathless.

    You won't necessarily feel like doing cart wheels after stopping smoking for a few weeks, but you should feel a good sense of satisfaction and even if you don't feel very different, your body will be going through all sorts of beneficial changes.

    Good luck and keep it up.


  • Thanks for your reply. I have been sitting here thinking about what might be different and I guess I have to say I don't have palpatations anymore so that is a very good thing. I never had the cough so I didn't have that to contend with. will just wait for the 6 month mark and reassess how I feel and at that time I would think I will be able to come up with a list of differences. Thanks again

  • what is different?


    my husband says the same, he feels no different, but what we both have noticed is:

    our house smells nice

    we both smell nice (didnt notice that we didnt before!!)

    others that smoke smell awful ( i cant believe that i must have as well)

    my mouth tastes lovely, and we enjoy kissing each other a lot more (again never really thought that we didnt like it much before)

    my teeth are a lot cleaner, which will save me a fortune as i have them cleaned at the dentist at £40 a go

    and the list goes on and on and on and on ..............

    so have a re-think, can you really not notice the difference????

    take care xxxxx

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