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No Smoking Day
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Methods of Stopping (not to be recommended)

My folks are dead pleased that I have finally stopped and are giving me loads of encouragement.

I was chatting to my dad yesterday about how he stopped and how hard it was for him and thought I'd share this with you all. It was a harsh reality check for me.

I was explaining about Champix and how much it is helping and asked how he felt when he stopped (20+ years ago now). His response -

'I didnt notice any withdrawal sysmptoms - best thing I ever did'

'How come?' - I asked.

he replied ' I was on a life support machine after having had a massive heart attack - had other things to worry about than not being able to smoke'. He hasnt had one since - guess thats a pretty good reason to stop! (and i'm very glad that he did).

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As you say, no better reason.


i can empathise there, i only had pneumonia but was that poorly that i had no withdrawals either. It is fortunate he felt like that, some people outside hospitals unhook their oxygen to go out for a fag! :confused: unbelievable and very dangerous!


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