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Hi, day 1 nearly over !!

Hi all, I had my last ciggie at 10.30pm last night and i am nearly through my first day :)

I have smoked 20 a day for the last 15 years or so with a 2 year break after having my kids and never really wanted to give up until recently, i dont know if it was hitting my 35th birthday that did it or if it was my kids moaning about the smell. All i know is I really want to quit.

I am going with the patches which i have tried before but obviously didnt want it that much and the anti smoking nurse weekly sessions for support. My other half has decided to quit too so we'll have each other to lean on (hopefully lol)

I came across this site last week when i was mentally preparing myself and thought it was great to read other quitters tips and advice, today has been relatively easy(ish), with the help of a stressball and lots of housework oh and my belief in the patches and myself, the hardest thing i have found today is the habit cravings, my first cup of tea with a ciggie,after breakfast ect...

Keep up the good work peeps, here's to tomorrow ;)

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Hi Welcome

Day 1 almost done Keep It up you will have great support on here Its a big help we are like one big family of quitters hehe. keep strong Linda xxx


Heya and welcome to the site brummie x x

I missed the tea cigy at first, i was a heavy tea drinker too lol used to get through at least half a dozen cups a day usually nearer a dozen, now i have three or four :eek:

I like to drink herbal teas of an evening now :)

As linda says we are all in it together here and will support you all the way x x keep posting and keep strong ~Buffy x x


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