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Day 10

Hello People,

I've just discovered this forum, and now I have I'll try to be a regular visitor.

I'm on day 10 of my quit and feeling pretty good about things right now. I had some less than pleasant times in the first few days - the usual stuff light headed, feeling spacey and disconnected, inability to concentrate and disturbed sleep. These seem to have mostly diminished now and have been replaced by only occasional and quite brief tense episodes.

I've quit smoking on a number of occasions before, but this time around I've taken a far more comprehensive approach to it than just simply not smoking for as long as possible, whilst otherwise making few changes to my lifestyle.

I'm more knowledgeable this time round about the role that blood sugar plays, for example, and how to manage your food to minimise typical symptoms of withdrawal.

I'm also pleased that I made the decision after about three days to chuck the NRT gum in the bin and just get rid of all nicotine from my system as quickly as possible. I have had quit attempts in the past where I've relied heavily on NRT gum and have still been subjected to really shakey withdrawal days months after quitting.

In past quits I've also suffered from some quite unpleasant bouts of depression and so I've prepared for and hopefully addressed that aspect this time around with daily supplements of St John's Wort and 5HTP. Finally I've reinstated my lapsed gym membership and have been going three times a week since a couple of weeks before quitting.

I'd like to think that this approach of diet, exercise and mood management explains why the withdrawal symptoms I've experienced this time have not been as unpleasant as previous attempts and why I'm feeling so good about things right now. That said however I also know from previous quits that when everything is going right, failure can be just an hour away and so I'm not being at all complacent.

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Welcome to the group Dickyboy

Sounds like you have all your ducks in a row and are on the right path. This is an awesome place and the people are wonderfully supportive. Please feel free to visit every day and ask for all the help you need...thats what we are here for.


Hi Dickyboy


Congrats on day 10.You sound very positive about your quit and well done for gettimg rid of nrt.

I can`t seem to be able to do that , so am keeping with my patches for now.

I haven`t looked into the blood sugar aspect of it, but i`m diabetic and my sugars have gone high first thing in the morning. Diabetic nurse said it can upset them on nrt but should settle down soon.

Do keep posting on here. Lovely , helpful group of people that will support you all the way.

Morning Cindy.

Barb X


Good Morning Barb,

Good to see you. How are ya?


Welcome dicky x x

Great attitude to be heading in with!! I found that the lifestyle change has come bit by bit since the quit! hehehe the other way round for me :rolleyes:

Each to their own i guess lol

The gym is incredible!! all new to me just started for first time ever on Monday with a exercise class, then Wednesday was introduced to the gym and shown a couple of machines, my bp was high so need to see dr before going on to others :rolleyes: but have had 2 work outs this week, wed & today, I have seen at least half a dozen people in their 80's and downwards to their 20's, didn't realise I was the only person in the world who doesn't go to gym! :D

I am so in love with it!! i have also dumped salt and cut back my alcohol intake ~ 2 glasses of wine this week!! i would of usually drank nearer 2 bottles through the week >_< no effort in it just don't feel like it!! suppose for some it can have the same effect on smoking!

That said however I also know from previous quits that when everything is going right, failure can be just an hour away and so I'm not being at all complacent.

It is so important to know that, I have failed previous quits because my arrogance took over and i forgot this >_<

Anyway!! hehehe

Grats on your first 10 days non smoking x x x x Heres to the rest of them ~Buffy x


Welcome Dicky

Congrats on your 10 days You sound like you have it all sust so Keep strong and keep us posted Linda xxx



Hiya Dickyboy. You seem to have a very good mental attitude to your quit!! Well done on your 10 days. Like you, I decided not to replace one kind of nicotine with another and binned the nicotine inhalators. I am on 19 days now and feel ok most of the time. I had the disconnected feeling and the spacey head too but that is fading now. The very best of luck-with the positivity you have you deserve to succeed!!:) Luv Maz xx


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