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Day 89

It's been horrible for the past few days, I have been thinking about buying a pack all day just to have one. I don't know why it is so hard now at day 89, maybe because i went to the 7mg patch 6 days ago. I get short of breath and my mouth salivates when i think about having one, then theres a snowball effect. I want to break something.

My reasons to NOT give in...

I know it wont satisfy me at this point.

I know it will taste horrible at this point.

I know it will probably make me feel sick at this point.

I do not want to be a life smoker.

I do not want to die of lung cancer.

I do not want to spend more $$$ on smokes.

I do not want to fail again.

I do not want to let my friends and family down who i have told i quit.

This feeling will pass.

*deep breath*

back to work....

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Hi Jemi - Hang in there - you've been through 89 fantastic days - just let it pass and try to chill - you have done so brilliantly, just keep thinking of your list and imagine what might be on other people's lists who post on here.....hey we could write an many reasons...

Don't worry, be happy...:)



89 Days !! way to go Jemi well done!! x x

there are up's and downs for a long time with quitting,

you have got so far and probably don't really remember just how awful the initial quit was!

Try and remember how desperate you got as a smoker, how sad that desperation was. Then look at the feeling you have now?! Laughable!!

There where things you did to occupy yourself instead of smoking in the early days, try and reintroduce that x x

Deep breaths and take yourself back to see how far you have come x

Keep strong, Buffy x


hi Jemi


I went threw all 3 steps of the patch. I understand how you feel, this is when it gets tough.

but stick to it!!!!

it does get better

drink water, and chew gum

and remeber when u step down to 0

you have made it threw stepping down 7mgs in the past. with in a week or so you will feel 100 times better



Thank you so much for the support guys and gals :)

I was going MAD yesterday, today is much much better :D , and your posts always help, venting on a post helps for me too :)

Yes i made it by fine, no smokes, i cant even believe i was considering it. What was i thinking?! :o


Day 89 and need a smoke: that scares me.

I am in the early stages (day 3) and reading that after three months the craving is still there is really scary to me. I really hope that if I make it even half that far there will be a difference in craving. Right now my head feels like a balloon. Like only a fag will relieve the pressure. It is an extreme of the way I felt as a smoker when I got out of a movie, woke up and had a cup of coffee burning, or after a large meal. Does that aching for a smoke go away? Are there days you don't even think about smoking? When did that happen?

Good luck.


I was just reading Jemi's post and thinking exactly that. That for anyone just starting on their quit that they may feel demoralised by what they have ahead of them. Don't be because though these episodes of craving do occasionally arise, by 3 months however they are an exception not the rule and are - as Jemi has experienced quite short lived.

A few years ago I quit smoking for over a year. I got a shock when out of the blue after about 6 months I got an evening when I found myself battling to resist a really strong and irrational urge to rush down the shop and buy a pack of fags. It came as an unwelcome shock because for the last couple of months I'd been getting on with life with hardly a thought for smoking anymore. In the end I went to bed early just to escape the temptation and the following day it was forgotten about and back to normal. Don't believe that at 90 days you'll still be battling every day because that just isn't the case. Everyone's quitting experience is different and personal to them, but I find that things start to get noticeably easier after week 6 and by 3 months I feel like a non smoker as thoughts of smoking by then are maybe a once a day passing thought and not a constant pre-occupation.


ThanksDicky x x thats exactly it, i replied in length to the other scared post! lol

It needs perspective x x x x


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