No Smoking Day

Day 52

Hi, I'm still alive, now I'm phasing that my face has swollen up a bit because I've been eating more and unhealthier food since I quit, I go out less still. The only thing holding me from going back is 1st of June that I think everyone knows what happens then. If you go in the state of mind where you think "Ahhh... I'm so totally over this" you'll get cravings like hell! You have think "I'm a nicotine addict and I need to fight this" it gets easier, I've heard the same from recovering drug addicts, they say that the first 2 months when they are really fighting it are the easiest and when the biggest fight is over that is when it starts to get hard.

BTW, I've had three dreams of me smoking... in all of them I light up the cigarette for no reason and take 2-3 puffs and then think "what the hell was I doing". Does that mean anything?

Ahh gosh... I'm gonna go for a swim now or something.


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Well done Valberg it's 1st july here, the ban that is!

That dream is common :D means it's important enough to you to stay quit! so you are more likely to do so x x x




Hi Valberg

Dreams are wierd aren't they? I read Allen Carr's book a few months ago and understood what he said but it wasn't enough to make me quit (now on patches)- anyway he likens smoking to wearing too tight shoes for the pleasure of taking them off! Well I've had two dreams, both fairly long and involved, where at some point I've taken off a pair of shoes that are too tight after wearing them for ages and not having anything else to wear and in the second dream found some flip flops that fit!!! Maybe a prophecy.....

More like my lunatic brain.. perhaps dreams show you are accepting everything subconciously as well as conciously - I don't know...??

But soooo well done! :)

Love Loopy XX


If he was a woman he would know that the shear pain in tight shoes is the having to put them back on again after having removed them under the table during that lunchtime meeting! :eek:

Theres no pain like it!

I have walked streets barefoot for fear of mental breakdown >_<

Sorry gone of subject :rolleyes:


I had a somewhat unorthadox wedding (still the most fun I've ever had!) and we all ended up miles from where we were sleeping (you don't want details) anyway point is I had these stupid girly shoes on (haven't done it since!) and so did my cousin - My wonderful brother in law lent me his size ten shoes and my cousin his socks!!! and he then walked home in bare feet - he is almost a saint in our house!!

Anyway I've completely forgotten the point of the post but you know comfortable feet are sooo important!



Ah thats so gallant! better than laying a coat over a puddle!

Ah hello Valberg *wave* :D sorry for evolving your thread into something completely different :o


Hey Valberg

Yes sorry... I know what you mean though about needing to be stronger as time goes on once the initial momentum has died down - I must admit I never tried anything stronger than fags and I am so glad I didn't - my heart goes out to people with different addictions - I really can empathise with having to hold that stance for life that you will just never do it again.

I'm feeling good hope you are too...

love Loopy


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