Feeling Good....now

Hi all

Had a really good weekend but not such a good evening today - thought about it a lot - I suppose this is probably the point where I would have managed to convince myself it wasn't worth it before - but this time I have hung in there and the feelings have totally gone again! I know this time is different and if I can just get through the odd time like this I will be fine and dandy! - Having a bit of trouble sleeping though even though I've started removing the patch..

Hi to everyone old and new (well I don't mean old as in grey haired and wrinkly you understand) and all those on line looking in....

Love Loopy XX

Day 34 :) :) - Oh Yeah!!!

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  • Heya Loopy x x

    Well done for riding it out xx

    Sleep, try nytol, and a warm bath before bed x I often have trouble sleeping as it's the first time in the day I can stop and think about the little niggley things like 'did i pay the gas bill?', 'must get my sister a bday pressie' (nothing left over from your drunken online shop i suppose? :D ) and other such trivial stuff!

    Any small change will make my sleeping bad for a while, hopefully it will sort out soon x x

  • Hi Buffy

    No sorry nothing left...ooh I might have a miniature statue of Blackpool Tower hand crafted from elephant dung somewhere.....:D Or I did have a chocolate fire guard ..now what did I do with that??

    Actually someone else mentioned Nytol, might have to give it a go.

    Hope you're feeling good!


  • I'll take the chocolate fire guard!!!

    Yes I am feeling cool thanks x x

    Good luck with the sleep!

  • Good nights sleep? whats that !! I swear I havent had a good nights sleep since I quit. I have removed the patches as I was told but Im still lying awake at 3am I might just try Nytol does it taste as good as red wine? :D I might start writing down my dreams as well, I think I could do a good movie with what goes on in my dreams. Im moaning but all this is better that the wheezing and coughing which was happening before I quit, that has stopped and Im so happy I was brave enough to give it a go. Good luck to all Sue xx

  • Hi Sue

    I stopped wearing the patch at night cos of the dreams but I'm still not sleeping very deeply and having some of the wierdest dreams - perhaps we could all write them down and publish it as a best selling horror :D

    Haven't bought any Nytol yet - still using the well known sleep formula - Cider! Although from a health point of view I believe red wine is better for you!!


    Loopy XX

  • God you made me laugh1!! Cider, Red wine, whatever you drink dont you think you drink so much quicker I bloody do:D its costing me a fortune lol . One problem at a time eh I will be contacting AA as soon as I have conqued the smoking thing x

  • You are so right - I thought it was only me with the fish like tendencies! I'm two thirds of the way through a bottle already - at this rate I'll be in bed by 9.45! :D

    See you on the AA forum later!!!!!!!

    Loopy XX

  • Little sue - totally agree with you on the drink thing. I'm sure Red wine bottles don't hold as much these days!lol


  • Hey we all seem to be simultaneously (phew big word after three ciders) posting on different threads!!! - check out all recent posts...

    Love Loopy

  • Nope it is not you, it's official red wine bottles hold half the quantity they used to.

    lalalala :rolleyes: well i am sticking with that!

    See yous both in the AA forum :o

  • P.S I find drinking white wine sometimes means it doesn't count towards my weekly units too :D

    I love my own philosophies :rolleyes:

  • I read a recent survey that said 99% of all bottles of red wine drunk in the U.K. had fifty percent of their contents stolen by goblins whilst the owner of said bottle had nipped to the loo!!

  • Ha ha I knew it!

    Little buggers! somewhere is a crowd of p*****d goblins raving it up having taken my wine! :mad:

  • hey Buffy this surreal - every time I finish posting on one thread to you you've replied on another - cool - saves waiting for a response!!!!

    Down to my last half cider now:(

    Never mind work in the morning...


  • hehe indeed you know what they say 'when the acohol runnith outith, tis time for bedith!'

    Kind of fun when you don't have to wait hours for replies :rolleyes: almost chat room like! :D

  • Yep certainly cool when there's a few of us on line - it just really helps ...you know?


  • Man, do I know! lollol

    it's a god send, here, for sure!

    Am sure this has been my most vital quit tool!

  • What day are you at now? it seems like you've been the mainstay of the forum for ever - you know, you were here when I started and I was so wound up in my own little quit I didn't really pick up where you were at..sincere apologies...


  • hehe no worries x x I am 12 weeks today :D

  • Brilliant!!!!! Have you ever got that far before - The most I ever did was seven weeks - although I think we've both got a different quit this time!! I can smell success!

    Think I ought to get off to bed now to see if my dreams hold any particularly small shoes - hey perhaps I'm cinderella just waiting for my prince.......

    love Loopy

  • Lol good night can hardly keep my peepers open myself :D

    I did 8 months before why the hell i started again?! never mind lollol

    Catch you soon, smoke free dreams, night night x

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