No Smoking Day

Quitting the Tantric Way ???

Just a few thoughts here...

For me, smoking was about habit. Made me feel comfortable. Something 'nice' for myself. I rationalized it in many ways, but really it fed comfort/secureness need. Now that I am in a different emotional place it seemed a natural progression to move to the smoke-free zone.

All of us have removed something important from our lives. We are all dealing with 'Endings' in our own ways. (On a side-note it would be interesting to look at how we deal with other endings in our lives and compare the process with shutting the door on cigs) But I digress, sorry guys...

Anyway I was wondering about a replacement therapy. Loss of 'feel-good' feelings to fresh input of 'feel-good' feelings. How to get a quick burst of something great. Then it came to me.......KUNDALINI SHAKING.

The Tantric approach to sex is to raise your energy by stimulating it, before relaxing into it. Standing with your feet slightly apart start shaking the various parts of your body, pelvis, legs, arms, shoulders etc. After moving all round the body, slow it down and relax into that wonderful glow. Enjoy the stillness that comes in the wake of dynamic energy sensations.

I know, I know. Sounds ludicrous. BUT it's worth a try anyway. Something that can be done quickly and easily. Nip to the bathroom in the middle of a crave and do some Kundalini Shaking. Or just do it wherever you are if you feel comfortable.

Makes you laugh, if nothing else and lets some of the tension bleed off...



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But it's about focusing on something positive right? and it's end result, how can apply that direct stream of focus on not smoking, i mean it's such a large general thing!

However, as I go longer and longer without smoking i find myself changing other things in my life, in a positive way. I have a different routine for better without smoking for sure! and i am definitely more relaxed and less stressed so it's total crap that smoking eases stress and aids relaxation. But we all here know that already!



Any way of dealing with stress/tension is good. I guess for some the crave to have a cig is sometimes overwhelming. We all feel like that at times. But as you rightly pointed out focusing on something to help yourself is another positive move in the move for change.

The way forward, for me, is to envision the time when I won't need to 'focus', which in some some ways sounds 'efforty'. I'd like to enjoy a time when I don't need to pour energy into anything to do with smoking. Getting back to the pre-smoking lifestyle.

We all need a goal to help us get through bumpy times. That's mine.

Anything warm and positive along the way is a big big plus.



Lol @ efforty loving the word!

I now see precisely what you mean!

But the need to focus to get through goes very quickly.

It pops into my head and then it pops right back out again with no effort.

I still use my relaxation techniques that i used to ride a craving but for different reasons now as many of the things i use to help me have stuck with me.

The methods used to help me through the beginning became a way of life and became my way to deal with stressful times. Which happen to be far better at coping with stress than smoking!

I hope I explain myself Ok, I confuse myself sometimes! >_<

Guess non-smoking is more than quitting, it's a change of life.

Hope your still doing Well! Keep it up!!




Good Morning Buffy!

Think we are of one mind!!!!!

Definately agree with the change of lifestyle thing. That's how I'm staying afloat, if you get my meaning. Moving from one way to another. The cross-over gets a little bumpy sometimes but still going with the flow.

So what do you do to relax? Any techniques worth sharing? Be glad to learn. I'm a meditation freak so I'm up for any new ideas. Love it!!

Hope your journey is going smoothly ....



Morning :D

My techniques are the basic way deep breathing feeling each muscle one by one from feet to head, imaging good scenarios I have a lovely place in mind in wales.

I use a feeling of warmth on me and i am wearing a long flowing white dress as i walk down the stone steps towards the rushing river i feel the relaxation deepen with each step.

I can imagine a ruler and see a number on it, the number indicates the depth of relaxation.

I also use it to sleep but thats different one, I shut my eyes and search for an image sounds mad >_< honestly you can always see something then i watch this random slide show and i go into sleep.

I can also have total control over my dreams, though i can't do that at a specific time or way it just happens sometimes. I love it when that happens! I can float around the house, I have also done things like traveling to places and seeing people.

My other major change lifestyle wise is organisation! lol

I have been doing all this for a couple of years now as this is not my first quit >_<

I have 5 kids and time lost looking for lost shoes, keys etc was phenomenal!

Always late to school etc >_< totally organised now feels great!

And my flat is tidier than before too :rolleyes: tidying up now rather than 'after a fag' makes all the difference!


Go You!!!..........


Sounds like you have embraced the whole change thing... That's really great!!

It's been my experience that very few actually have the courage to make changes, and fewer still who actually stick with the programme.

How are you organizing things differently now then?

Sounds intriguing...



The organising thing is a revelation to me but boring to others :rolleyes:

Things like,

Using a yearly planner for everyones appointments dates etc, wipe board for week to week things.

Shoes on a shoe shelf in the hallway, everything ready the night before.

A place to put the keys (mine are attached to my purse in my bag)

Plan and buy in the weeks meals in advance.

Tidy as I go never for more than 15 mins at a time etc etc

S**t sorry soooo boring >_< but has changed my world, man, it's a sign of getting old! :rolleyes:


Hi I too love the relaxation techniques but your sleep one sounds way above what I know Buffy - the mind is a wonderful (and scary) thing!

Loopy XX

P.S. Don't try the tantric shaking thing when you need the loo!


Ah such a wise suggestion Loopy :D lollol

I know tis odd, no reflection on my personality though :p lol


Hello Sukitet and Welcome !!

Well Done on 4 months!!

The old weight thing, sounds like your a good weight!? (Don't be trying that stupid size zero rubbish! Lol) I was 8 stone and always wanted to get to 9 now i am nearer 9 1/2 (I am 5 foot 7) but i am chuffed with it! just needs a little toning :D

Give it to month 6 because it will probably settle back down a bit as the excess eating stage passes.

Then if you still want to come down then it's all healthy eating and exercise :D



Hmm the old weight thing - society is a pain at putting us into categories - I too am 5 foot 7 and about 9 stone but was sick of people always asking if I'd lost weight when they saw me - they just forgot how skinny I am - so I was quite looking forward to gaining a bit. The trouble is people don't realise that it can be just as hurtful as calling someone fat as it still knocks the confidence.

So.. my point is we're all different shapes and sizes but a small gain is no problem - definitely much, much more attractive than smelly, stinky, horridagible (one of my children's words) cigs!

Just get over the quit first cos you know really that it's not worth smoking just to lose weight. If you're really bothered about your weight maybe a local slimming club could help - I know my sister found the support of all the others a great help (a bit like this forum and stopping smoking I suppose)

Best wishes



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