Day 50... Wow!

Ta da da da da da daaaaaaa! (in case you were wondering, that's a trumpet fanfare!)

Day 50 today...... I'm absolutely gob-smacked that I've managed that many days without smoking, I really am! That's at least 2000 cigarettes I haven't smoked, or 100 packets at approx £4.50 / pack = £450 saved :eek:

I feel so much better healthwise than I did 2 months ago - I can take a really deep breath which I couldn't do before, and I can do it without coughing half a lung up afterwards! I can run without feeling my chest is going to explode after 20 steps.

In celebration, today we're going to look at new cars! I never thought I'd ever have the opportunity to own a new car, straight from the showroom, but now I no longer smoke, what better incentive to stay that way?!

I'm on top of the world today!

3 Replies

  • Well Done Shamlay! real proud of you x x

    Rewarding yourself really helps to continue on doesn't it :D

  • Well done Shamley

    Congrats on your quit and new car. You can keep it all nice and fresh and no smelly smoke. I find my car dont get so messy now I dont smoke. I have allso had some good news my partner and I are going on holiday in july we have been together 29 years in sept and never been on holiday so looking forward . Keep going you are doing so well. LInda

  • Congrats Linda!!

    Thought me and my mans holiday, having never been before after 6 years, was bad enough, 29 years!!! no holiday! wow ever so well deserved!! enjoy x x x x

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