No Smoking Day

Day 4

hey folks, well day 4 today. its not that bad, other than the coughing. I think i coughed less when i actually smoked. Lots of yucky stuff coming up and hard to sleep because i have to sleep on my left side so i dont cough so much.

im proud of myself for yesterday as well, i had some friends come over who were smokers. I told them to please go outside on the balcony to light up. they said arent you coming, i said no, im quitting. They even offered me a smoke and no matter how tempted i was, i didnt take one, and to be honest, the smell was gross. yeahhh

according to the quit meter, ive saved 130 bucks and 79 cigarettes.

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Ooooh Well Done!

What a tester having smoking buddys over, on just day 4 :rolleyes: it was a brave thing to do!

You will cough up more on quitting, when you smoke it prevents stuff from coming out so much as it's pilling on more. With no smoking the lungs have a chance to rid themselves of all that build up! Nice hey?

Keep it up! doing real well!



Buffy, how long should i expect to keep coughing this up. i actually went to the doc last night to get my lungs checked out. I sound like a dog barking. everything is fine, but its a little irritating coughing so much. i got prescribed prednisone



It depends on how much is down there I guess!!

Glad you got checked out and there is no infection, the medicine should help to thin it out and get it up :D (think i will skip breakfast!)

I was hospitalised with pneumonia and had to quit, so I was coughing for 2 months blood n all Hopefully it won't be so long for you! if it is though, it does get less, >_<

To be honest I still cough up brown gunk from time to time but it is not an invasive cough at all just a normal cough.


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