No Smoking Day

Day three already wow

day three today, wow, i cant believe i havent had a cig in three days. awesome. today i told my 4 year old daughter that daddy no longer smokes and she said yeahhh. that made me feel better. i use to sit in my chair while she played and smoked. Now im out of my chair and spending time with her. Ive had the occasional craving, thinking i need a smoke, clammy a little bit, but surprisingly, im doing great. I love this site, alot of support during this crucial time.:D

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Ah :D

It's true, I look back when I smoked, everything was after a fag! so basically there were soooo many things I never got round to!

I would rush a story at bedtime skipping paragraphs so as I could get back to the kitchen for a smoke!

Pushing the buggy down the road with the kids around me while I puffed away. Doing up kids shoe laces with a fag hanging out of my mouth, watching them in the park while i sat on a bench smoking, rushing them out of restaurants so i could have a smoke so many images of my smoking in front of the kids >_<

Making all those images look 'normal' to my kids is one of the many bad things with smoking!

Well Done on day 3! you can now see your daily routine without smoking being involved! so can your daughter :D

Keep it up! you're already reaping the benefits!


Well done

Day four now. I think these children have more brains than us and she will keep you going with your quit. My grandaughter comes over every weekend and tells me what day I am on now I cant give in not to upset her I would be gutted to see her little face. They are great quit aids hehe Linda


Lol yes they are,

Now if after all this, anyone of mine start smoking I will throttle them myself! :p


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