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No Smoking Day
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help for quitting?

I've wanted to stop smoking since 2 years... let me begin by telling you that i'm 18 and and started smoking by the age of 14... i've wanted to stop at 16 but couldn't... now that i want to quit for good i've found something that might help but i'm afraid of getting addicted to something else... the name of that medicine is Hale-Rx for Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms... has anyone ever tried this? it's available on drugdelivery.ca i've never bought anything from an online pharmacy and i've never used anything to stop smoking but can anyone clear my doubts here??? if someone ever use the Hale-Rx, is it any good?

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Hello Minnie,

Welcome to the site and congratulations on making a great decision to quit!

I saw the site and drug, I have never heard of it myself, seems like another zyban / champix drug with natural ingredients.

I wonder though if you can not get help and advice from your doctor to help quit ?

It would be far better to use professional help, they can help you decide what method would suit you best.


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