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good morning, day 46 feeling good once again. had another dream about ciggies last night they must be in my subconcious. i went to visit a lady i know yesterday havent seen her for a while shes a smoker when i walked in her house it stunk of ciggies when i came out i could smell it on me could not wait to get home and wash my hair i cant believe my house use to smell like that horrible hope everyone else is doing ok :)

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Morning Alison :)

I know what you mean! I haven't been in a smokers house yet but I was talking to another mum at the school yesterday, I couldn't hear what she was saying! because I was so taken back by the smell! I felt awful! I was just standing there thinking 'My god woman! you stink!! I used to smell like that!'

What a waste of money buying perfume is when your a smoker :rolleyes:

Am doing good too thanks :D


Hi Alison

I've dreamt of cigs a couple of times too but never did before. Mind you I've not slept much with the patches so have done away with them at night - dreams are far too wierd for my liking!

Still doing good though!

Have a good day 46



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