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My patch itches

I started this nictotine patch today on advice from the smoking ceasation clinic that i went to today (btw i really reccomend that to anyone thinking about stopping or who has stopped and is struggling as i was!).

My patch itches. Ive had it on since 4pm today. Now midnight. Ive had to un-peel it and move it as it itched so much.

Is that normal? The lady at the clinic said it could itch but this really itches!

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Hi there I have the patches and am now on the smaller ones. They do itch every time I put one on but it goes after about 1/2 hour someone told me its the alchohol in them? Don't really know if its true. I hope you dont have too much trouble with the patches. Good luck with your quit Sue


Hi Marc

Been on patches from yhe start. They do itch some times they give a little pain something like a dead arm so dont worry to much. They do make thing a bit easyer with the craves so try and keep with them. Good luck with your quit Linda


I had suffered with the itch too, if it's unbearable you can pop in and see your cessation person they will be more than willing to help you.

I had terrible sleep with my 1st patch horendous nightmares too, they changed my patch to a 16hr one that removes at night and that helped.

Just ring up the chemist and ask to speak to you cessation person, maybe a histemeine will help? they can advise you.


As above, I remove my patch at about 10pm (I usually go to bed about 11:30ish) and I've not had any nightmare problems.

I do get the itching though, I end up just rubbing the patch till it goes away. If it's really bad, speak to a doctor who could probably help with it.


I was advised to take the backing off the patch and leave it open to the air for about ten seconds before applying to the skin (I think this lets some of the alcohol evaporate?) - anyway works for me




I think the itch is more irritable than the nicotine withdrawl symptoms!

Still, I get my fix and it doesn't bother me that much, just at first.

Come to think of it, its itching now - thanks for reminding me!

Haha, good luck with it anyway.


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