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Reality Check

Hi guys still going on day 43 I think, the last 2 weeks have been harsh just everything testing me, had tears and tamturms the bad dreams have left me feeling quite down in the dumps as they are so vivid sometimes. Got on my bike headed to the shop to buy tobacco but managed to come home without it. I sat last Fri night catching up with a few old freinds on MSN and feeling really sorry for myself (red wine next to me) somehow I just couldnt shake the "poor me" thing. THEN REALITY CHECK !! I was told my freind of 20years has mouth cancer, flood gates open all the tears come out and I got the kick up the arse I needed. ( freind is in treatment) Gone down to smaller patches today no real cravings and Im trying my best to stay focused. Hope everyone is on track Sue

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Oh Sue - SO sorry to hear about your friend. I know what you mean when you talk about reality checks. There is ALWAYS some one in a far worse state than ourselves. My uncle is going through the last stages of Motor Neurone Disease (for which theres no cure). He is in a hospice and although he never smoked many of the patients there did - and now they are paying dearly for it. It makes you realise just how precious life is and a few months hardship of quitting is truly NOTHING. Day 43 is fantastic going Sue. Stay strong.



Well done sue x

Indeed reality checks bring out perspective! but that doesn't take away the meaning of your feelings! If you felt down in the dumps then you should also care for yourself! Take some time out for yourself away from any bloody testers :mad:

I think the act of getting on your bike and taking a ride, took away the stress and the situation, so the craving eased, something to be learnt there! if it gets tough 'Get on yer bike!' lol

Hope the treatment is a great success for your friend x x

Well Done again and Keep up your strength

~ x X x X x ~


Hi Sue

Day 44 now Hope your feeling a little better today. So sorry about your friend hope she will be ok. I do Know What you mean about the poor me been like it my self but think we may feel like this with or without fags so please dont give up giving up. I am sure we will feel better soon. Be thinking of you lots of love Linda


Cheers to you all for your kind words and support, Im loads better this week Monday didnt have any real cravings at all even though my patches have been reduced, also my oldest son 22 has given up as well its the second time he has tried but maybe knowing I have done it will encourage him. I know my freind and I started smoking around the same time at school so its even more scarey knowing what she is going through. So far I have been able to buy laminate floor for my hall and my bike has given up the ghost so Im going to have a new one, I depend on my bike for transport as I dont drive and its good for me to shoot of out for a cuppa and a chat with freinds when i need to. I really hope you are all well and managing to stay off the fags, Good luck to all newcomers Stay strong Sue x


So glad you are feeling better x

Good luck to your son!

Enjoy your new laminate :D Well Done on your achievements, New bike sounds exciting! :D best wishes to your friend too

~ x X x X x ~


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