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No Smoking Day
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last day on month two

MORNING all my lovely mates.

Well this is my last day at month two. My quit date was 14 march so 2moro is start of month three for me. My partner is back on the weed and untill this morning I was thinking why am I doing this with all thats happend the last two weeks. I think I will leave it till I got less stress. Then my partner got up and the first thing he done was make a rolly I thought god how easy you can get back in the grip. So no I am not going back to that I have worked to hard to get this far. So I am staying SMOKE FREE and proud of it. He Still not talking to me but that is is loss. Hope every one is doing great Love Linda


How are you today please let us know.

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Great going Linda !!

Although I have a few days to go until I no longer need to smoke you have given me the inspiration to realise that I CAN do this long term. You have the willpower of an ox especially as your partner still puffs away. ( I am lucky in that way cos my hubby does'nt smoke) You are truly magnificent.

Thanks for the inspiration



Hi Boudee

Sooooo very very glad your back hope your feeling better. We will do this every time we get past a bad time we get stronger.

Thank Karen

You will be on the start of your new life so Good luck we are all here for you Linda


Heya Linda x

Well done on month 3 arrival!

I dont really see why he's not talking to you when he's the one thats gone back to the demon? is he jealous?

Anyway! I know your ups n downs well to be fair pretty much downs! :(

You have not given up giving up through it all! that is amazing! no sorry, you are amazing!

Just always remember, no matter how much stuff flies off, when it hits the fan ;) smoking never did or ever will! change a thing!

you have now faced so much as a non smoker, i can't possibly see what would ever turn you again!

Your a great wife, mother and grandmother if for nothing else, you are showing your family how to be willfull, strong and successfull.

~ x X x X x ~


Thanks All of you for your very much needed support. Start of month three today and am feeling a bit like my self again. You are all STARS and I know I would of give in by now if not for you lot. I have had great support of my daughter, youngest son and grandaughter she counts the days and tells me every weekend what day I am on BLESS HER HEART. I know my eldest would be great support but love him he is really unwell now and dont know what world hes in HEHE Thank you all again Love Linda


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