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Day 27 - Cold Turkey

Well hello fellow ex drug addicts:)

Its not been easy but on my way to my first month as a non smoker since 17 years of various quantities of herb and nicotene. Ended up almost averaging 25 -30 fags a day in the end. Although the herb was knocked in the head 4 years ago, but the evil weed had dug its claws in.

Ended up with leukoplakia on the side of my tongue along lateral line. Due to concentration of smoke when inhaling down one side of my tongue. One very painful biopsy later and anxious wait, turned out to be non cancerous...phew.

This was 5 years ago and the weed wouldnt let its grip of me go even after this warning shot.

So finally now i think ive cracked it. White patch on side of tongue has faded and getting better every day. Lungs are now slowly cleaning themselves. Urges are still there but not as intense as before. (feeling the demon dying). Chewing loads of orbit and have put a stone of weight on already. ( better being fat and alive than skinny and dead eh)

So i would just like to say good luck to fellow quitters.

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Welcome radman xx

Glad the tongue is clearing up that must of been a scary experience! amazing the power of addiction that you still continued after! what a devilish demon! lol

the weight gain is like trophy of the quit to me :D physical evidence of non smoking hehe

Good luck to you too and thanks for dropping in :D

~ x X x X x ~


Over 3 weeks is something to be really proud of, well done! :) :)

Keep us updated over the coming weeks.


day 25

Aye cheers for the replies....big tester on mon and Tuesday coming. Team building guff from work. Loads of free booze and potential flashpoints with associates. Will keep ya informed.

All the best


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