No Smoking Day

not a very good day

Well, I am nearly through Day 3. I think today has been the worst day so far, I just seem to want to stuff my face, but I am trying to drink water instead. Have had one choccy bar. What is keeping me going is we will be moving soon and I don't want to associate my new house with smoking. My concentration is a bit off today also, more so than normal! I feel like I don't know what to do with myself. I am determined to get through the next few hours though.:confused:

Hope you are all doing ok.

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well done

hi keep up the good work i am on day 18 and found in the early days that the thought of having to start all over again a good reason not to have one, i don't have half as many cravings these days and feel so good and proud of myself, i am also pregnant and am doing this for my unborn child and family.dont give up!!!:)


Aw Sandra x x take a few deep breathes and close your eyes for a moment Imagine yourself in your new house as a non smoker, laughing and smiling see how happy you look? Inhale deeply, how clean does your new house smell? hmmmmm :D

Eat, eat and eat some more if it stops you from smoking! your putting yourself under too much strain if you quit smoking, worry about diet and all as you're moving house!!

Well done for striding on, onwards and upwards!

Buffy x


congrats to both of you

Everyone is doing so well :)



Thanks everyone, had a nice day dream about my new house and now going to have a cuppa and some food!!!! Feel much better, you are right, you can't do too much at once!:)


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