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I'm still here :)


Day 3 and I feel astonishingly fine! I have been pretty ill the last few days (well actually the last month) but am now on antibiotics and feeling a bit better. Maybe the being ill has helped, although I was (see, past tense:D ) of those smokers who could smoke through anything from tonsilitis to bronchitis! I am using patches and they are REALLY helping. I have only had a few serious cravings, always after my dinner and the rest have been managable and for the first time in all my times trying to stop, I don't feel like I am being deprived of something. I am sooo happy my motivation is still with me, as many times in the past I have caved in on the first day! I hope I am still feeling this motivated in a weeks time, but I have to say, reading how everyone else is doing is a big help!

Catch up with you all soon!

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That's really good to hear! Glad to hear the patches are working and now would be a good time to take up some gentle exercise (if you don't already). You don't have any carbon monoxide in your lungs now so you can breathe deeper! Also, going for a walk or a bike ride is good for taking your mind off any cravings.

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Hey Dutchgirl I've been there with the bad throat, unable to swallow anything but lcold iquid and guess what.... I still smoked through it. How daft is that.....?

Keep yourself motivated, after all shouldnt be that hard.....especially at end of first week when you realise how much money you saved, oh and also when you realise that pure oxygen does taste better then smoke!

Glad you starting to find it easier, it is hard to imagine in first couple of days that the craving will and does dissapear eventually, but once you get over that hurdle its all down hill. Volcano is a great advocate of the excercise bit and Im sure that my Wife (Non Smoker for 2 1/2 years) must be seeing her posts as she wants me to go running with her on thu or fri. Will be really strange actually being able to breath and do anything faster than walking.

Keep it Going "U know it makes sense":)

Sick and Smoking

Think we've all been there - really ill and still smoking. Had an operation a few years ago under general anasthetic. Was only 30 years of age at the time. Was so ill from complications due to smoking that I had to spend two extra days in hospital to get better. Doctors and nurses were not impressed and urged me to quit. As soon as I could get up and walk unassisted ... I was looking for the smoking room. How crazy is that?

Its great to hear you're on day 3. Definitely it gets better. You've broken the habit of smoking now. Keep up with the patches and do as the other say - take some gentle exercise. Exercise is the best way to put distance between you and smoking. Your body will heal quicker and your cravings will diminish.

Keep using the patches for the full course.

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