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I'm from Portugal and I'm a non-smoker.

When I was 9, I lost my godmother because she was a Smoker.

Since than, I know that Smoke is harmful to the health.

I already convinced two friends to quitting.

My new blog is about this subject and I hope that it will convince others to stop smoking.

Sorry about my english.


PS: I added this Forum's link to the blog.

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I would like to know your opinion about my blog.

Do you think it's helpful?




I guess it would help if it was in English! :D


Green Rizla, thanks for your reply. ;)

I have posts in different languages and many of them in english.

Regards :)


Even a little secondhand smoke is dangerous.

Secondhand smoke can cause cancer in

nonsmokers. It can also cause breathing

problems and heart disease. People who

breathe secondhand smoke get colds and flu

more easily. And they often die younger than

those who don't breathe it.

Pregnant women who breathe secondhand

smoke have many risks:

They may lose their babies.

Their babies may be born small.

Their babies are more likely to die of SIDS

(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Their children may be cranky, restless, and get

sick more often.

Their children are more likely to have learning


Children who breathe secondhand smoke have

troubles too. They are much more likely to have

breathing problems such as asthma. They also

get more ear and lung infections (like



I added this Forum's link to the blog too


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