No Smoking Day

Day 3

Hi all,

Well here at last....the big Day 3......can't believe it's come this fast. Well my main aim today is to get to Day 4......and give myself another day that I can feel proud of myself. I realise I must be a bit sad if thats whats floating my boat.....but hey......its such a relief to know that with everyday that goes by the horrible nicotine monster (not them!) is getting smaller and leaving my system. Nice to wake this morning without a fog over my eyes.....but have got a slight cough and contents of an ashtray beginning to come out my throat!

Will post reply in morning to let you know how i get on to Day 4

Good luck all.......remember everyone loves a quitter.

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Day 4 and a bit now- almost

Hey up mate

Just got 2 hours till bed time and managed 4 and a bit days- feels like hell sometimes- like now having a few Stellas at home and almost went and looked for my cigs- thought was still a smoker- but patches and inhaler working well and determined to get through yet another day. Its been a bad one- a close relative died today and normally would have chain smoked but managed it and feeling real proud.

Giving up the weed is the greatest achievement of my life so far. Strating to cough up 40 yrs of shit from my lungs, but hopefully worth it.

Hang on in there and keep in touch.


End of Day 3

Hi all,

Well thats Day 3 over and now into Day 4.

Day 3 not to bad........but had to make sure that I got new patch on at right ensure I was getting the full strength

Last night was at work and actuallly only spent about 10 mins in the company of a smoker......was really strange as i realised that out of 15 people I regularly work with there was only 1 other that smoked.......he's feeling real alone at the smoke hut but has total excusive use!

As you can guess from screename i spend a lot of time driving and sitting around at places waiting for work. What a differance I've seen with not smoking......can actually see out the windscreen......not so fatigued.......can smell the outside air.......and dont have to spend 20 mins with windows open trying to get rid of smell of smoke for next driver (non-smoker)! All in all my work place is now so refreshing and I'm beginning to enjoy driving again!!!!!!

Hi also to Ron, sorry to hear about sad news........I lost my Mum (to Brain Tumour) and Dad (to Lung Cancer) last year (within 6 weeks of eachother) and so many times when thinking about them I sat and had a ciggy (god cigarrettes come into everything!). Even in her last days my Mum asked me only to do 1 thing for her......."Give up the fags Son". So really have added reason to give up......especially when she afforded some of her last ever words to the subject. Anyway now I hope that my Mum will be sharing how proud I feel for this quitting.

Anyway whats happened in the past is gone now and I've stopped using that sadness as a reason to keep smoking! I am now feeling loads better...REALLY!

Anyway alll in all Day 3 went well and it's onto Day 4 now for me......Good luck all!


my day three

i'm a newby to fresh start. it's my third day and i was just sitting around putting of going to the gym and googled "no smoking, day 3". how cool. i know from aa that group therapy works and that is sort of what this is. so cheers from ny city to all my day three peeps. yesturday, day 2, i had a dull stomach ache all morning. today my head sort of hurts. mornings with that first cup of coffee are a trigger for me, there's one everyday. i wonder how folks are doing with the no smoking ban in the UK. it's been here in New York for three or so years. we smokers can always find somewhere or somereason to light up.

stay strong everyone,



Welcome Jabe x x

Yes the bans going OK pubs seem a little quieter than usual though :rolleyes: and with all this rain, it is funny seeing hunched up figures dragging away on their smokes outside :D

The gym is the best place to be in all this! so get motivated and get back to it!


Well done on your quit x x keep busy and keep fresh x x ~Buffy x


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