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Romixithub,Cybertine, BEAM then stem cell. Anyone had this combo

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I start my treatment in 2 weeks. Been on watch and wait for 3 years, however nodes growing to 4 cm in several areas. Am fit 60, year old. I hope to go back to work in 6 months. Anyone had this combination therapy. Any info appreciated. Dave

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Hello. I had a stem cell transplant in September 2020 after LEAM heavy dose chemotherapy.I had DLBC Lymphoma firstly in 2016 with reoccurrence in 2018 and 2020 so a SCT was the best option to try and get rid of it.

I won’t say that the treatment was easy but now just over a year later it was well worth it.

It will be a good 6 months until you will feel well enough to go back to work unless you are really lucky.

I was a fit 60 year old and it knocked me for six but after a month I could just about manage a walk out with my dogs.

Now back to normal and feeling very good. A few stomach issues but a small price to pay.

Good luck

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Thank you for reply, good hear that you are doing well. I have been advised to keep liquid levels , vitamin C levels up to flush out kidneys. All into appreciated.

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