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Have you had or are a candidate for a Stem Cell Transplant or someone who is a caregiver of a SCT patient? If so, there is a fantastic Facebook support group for SCT and BMT patients and their caregivers. If you would like the link, please message me and I would be happy to provide it to you.

NOTE: I have included Bone Marrow Transplant patients as well although I don't know of any Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma patients who have undergone a BMT.

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  • Hi, yes I am scheduled to have a BMT in September, and I have NHL. It's scary, but I don't have other options. As I have mentioned before I have Cutaneous T-Cell with Sezary. I get chemo every six weeks, but it's just a band aid and doctors do not know how long they can mask symptoms for.So....I'm taking the plunge, but very scared!!

  • Thank you for responding. You are the first NHL patient that I know of who is slated for a BMT. It was my understanding that a BMT was only performed on Leukemia patients.

    I just realized that I don't know how to message you on this board so below is the link to the FB Transplant support group I was speaking of. Please let them know that you got the link from Liz Madgett.

  • My brother has T cell histiocyte rich B cell lymphoma, stage 4. He had an autologous stem cell transplant about 18 months ago and relapsed after about 16 months.

    We are now going to have a donor stem cell transplant very shortly and I'm the donor.

    This not where we would have liked to be. The toxicity on the pre chemo and the procedure itself is phenomenal.

    The only thing he has going for him is his age.

  • All the very best for a successful transplant this time. Both you and your brother may find the Facebook transplant support page beneficial. The link is posted above in this thread.


  • Thanks Liz,

    I appreciate your reply. Fingers and toes crossed it goes well.

  •'s been a while since I posted here. Raja had his SCT and is now a bit over a month since receiving his stem cells! He is doing ok. Still has a long way to get back his energy and appetite. We are grateful to be able to go into remissionnhoping it will be a long one! I did joint the Facebook group and another for Mantel Cell Lymphoma. Good to know you are doing well! All the best!

  • Hi Reem,

    It's nice to hear from you. I am glad to hear that the worst is behind Raja and each day will get better.

    Feel free to PM me on Facebook to let me know how both of you are doing.


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