My 5alive Challenge

My 5alive Challenge

I am taking on the challenge of running 5 marathons on successive days, starting with the London Marathon on April 23rd. This is with the aim of raising over £5000 for St Benedict's Hospice in Sunderland. I am tackling this challenge to celebrate 5 years great health since I was diagnosed with fNHL in 2012 at the age of 58

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  • WOW! That's an ambitious adventure. Wishing you every success in reaching your goal.

  • Inspirational, jamoza! Good luck with your venture for such a good cause - I don't envy you the training regime though :-)

  • I'm only really training for the first marathon at London where I'm aiming to beat my best time of 4:12:13. Can't do extra training for the other four without adversely affecting my London time. Will have to just tough it out for numbers two to five!!!!

  • Good luck with your run Jamoza! Your positivity is wonderful and inspiring!

  • Good luck Jamoza. A fantastic adventure ahead. My husband is raising money for CRUK by doing Lands End to John O Groats bike ride.

  • Good on him. Hope he's not too sore at the end (no pun intended)!!!

  • Lol. His end is his greatest concern. An excuse to buy yet more stuff! 😂

  • Awesome goal! So glad your health is such that you can do this. Congratulations!

  • Amazing! Wish you great sped!

  • best of luck thank you from all of us

  • You are a rock star in my book. What a inspiration to all of us! I have always wanted to do the London Marathon. Good luck and get a massage and rest afterwards. What shoes are you wearing?

  • I am wearing Nike Lunar Glides

  • I'm over the moon with them!!!

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