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Need a little clarity..T cell histiocyte rich B cell lymphoma

I feel like a bit out of place as I'm not a lymphoma suffer. I have a younger brother in his 30s who was diagnosed with:

T cell histiocyte rich B cell lymphoma in Sept 2013

He had 6 cycles of RCHOP completed by Jan 2014.

Excellent response and PET scan clear.

Relapsed in October 2014

Had 4 cycles of RDHAP chemo and a autologous stem cell transplant

Treatment complete by Jan 15.

Excellent response and PET scan clear.

PET scan done Feb 2017 it appears the disease has relapsed.

I'm pretty confused as to what to do for him now?

I'm meeting his health care specialists this week to discuss treatment options.

Are there any new radical treatments out there that will get rid of thing once and for all??

Is anyone else gone through this and what's the best advice?

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Hi my husband has t cell lymphomer non specific and has relapsed twice after 6 months chop 21 then again after 6 monts of visconsin now he is on Romidepsin and has been for 8 months and this seems to be working. I dont know if your brother would be suitable for this drug his doctor would know. i believe its called isodax in usa. hope this may be of help. best of luck for your brother its a hard road for you both.

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Thank you

I will look into it.

All the best to your family


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