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Bone Pain after Chemo

I finished R-EPOCH on December 23. I was fine for a while and now all of my bones feel like they are going to crack in 1/2. I am sore first thing in the AM and then again at night and sleeping in hard because everything feels very sore. I have been taking tylenol and using heating pads and everything else that I can think of doing. Does this seem to be a normal side effect of chemo and if so, what do people do?

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I have heard great things about medical marijuana for bone pain and for sleep

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I dont know about anyone else but tylenol just doesnt do it for pain for me. At advil or aleve or ask your doc fir something stronger


After my treatments and I am just on Rituxin now, I will get this terrible burning/feverish/hot bone pain from feet to hips... I complained because it lasts up to 18 days. My oncologist put me on 20 mg of Prednisone for 1 week after each treatment the last 2 times and it seems to help. I have tried tylenol and pain pills and nothing helped. But I think the prednisone does. It doesn't seem to be as bad.. Good luck ..


I was prescribed something stronger but didnt need it often or for too long. Just Tylenol won't cut it. Good luck.


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