Using Voltaren topical ointment for peripheral neuropathy

I had my first chemo in 2009 and additional sessions in 2014. One of the side effects for me has been numbness in the feet and lower legs when I lie prone. Sleep has been an issue. I need to get up every three hours or so to get my feet and legs back to normal. I've just discovered that Voltaren greatly reduces the problem. I simply spread a little on my toes and back of my feet.

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  • Wow. I have had that problem after chemo in 2004 and now that I have diabetes it is getting worse. So glad to have your suggestion. Will definitely try it. Thanks very much.

  • Don't use too much at first, maybe a teaspoon for both feet. Too much and it could affect your sleep.

  • Okay. Thanks for the tip. I will use discretion. :)

  • Best of luck..

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