Dealing with anxiety?

Following on from recent posts in another thread I would like to ask for tips on dealing with the inevitable anxiety that comes with living with a relapsing remitting type illness such as NHL.

I doubt whether anyone has it all together on this one including myself. I find mindful exercises that keep me in the present or bring me back to it when I am drifting into worry about the future, are helpful.(Can I suggest a simple and straightforward book that I have found useful: The Five Minute Meditator by Eric Harrison. It's written in plain English and has no spiritual references, just practical tips for switching your mind into the present that can work for anyone.)

Anyway- to get back to my question - any tips for dealing with relapse/progression anxiety?

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  • Unfortunately anxiety is ever present in what we have and almost half the battle...I will look up your booklet.

  • What works for me is staying busy with positive things. If I feel anxiety creeping in, I need to get organized with my time. If I don't have a "commitment" I'll find myself sitting and brooding over too many things.....that happened this weekend because it rained and I didn't want to be out in the torrential rain....should have put on rubber boots and gone outside...but I didn't, sadly. Stay busy, stay positive!

  • I just try to keep busy with the things I love to do. I am a stained glass artist, and that keeps me motivated. Also, stepping outside of myself by taking care of my husband (who doesn't really need it, but obliges me) and having lunch with friends a couple of times a week really helps. If I lived closer to a nursing home I would volunteer with elderly. The main point is doing the things you love, living in the moment, and getting enough rest....

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