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My Aunt age 87...fit, well, strong and positive has just been diagnosed High Grade B Lymphoma. Confined to left neck and shoulder, offered chemo but afraid of side effects. She would prefer a short time without illness than a prolonged time feeling unwell. At first visit, before Petscan she asked 'how long' and was told 6 months. I want her to try the chemo but have been told it is 'her body her decision'. Told If it goes wrong I will get the blame but I feel guilty for not guiding her. does anyone know the likely prognosis without treatment and what will happen as it progresses.

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  • How sad is this. How difficult for you. I have asked my family to let me make the decisions. I know some will be upset but it's my life

  • Please don't poison her to deth by chemotherapy .let her live happy and strong. Keep her on heavy vegetarian diet. Fruit. AII ORGANICS &LOTS OF CLEAN WATER. 1/2 UR WALKING DAILY. SOME BAKING SODA TO DRINK. LET HER CHOOSE. GOD BLESS

  • Hi that is a tough question. It's such a personal choice. I have NHL myself and although younger than your aunt. My opinion is this, given that she's strong and active and her kidneys are functioning well along with her other organs. I would venture to say I'd try the chemo, if she does ok on it continue, if things don't go well discontinue. I've read stories on here that some people are in remission after 3 treatments. So many variables to consider though. Doctors opionion is so important. In the end it is her personal choice. Hope she makes out ok. My dad had aggressive chemo for lung cancer at late 70s he didn't do well but he had 6 years of life because of it. He also said he would never do it again. Hard decision all round. Good luck

  • You have to know the subtype; were you with her when she got this info? My chemo experience was that I had almost no side effects, but at her age, I agree it must be her decision.

  • Yes me too just had my first treatment & going well.but no one seems to understand or no how to support u xox so I'm glad l found this site.OK takecare

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