New kidney, new start

Just a quick 'hello'. I had a kidney transplant about six weeks ago. So far so good. Looking forward to sharing experiences and hearing how others are getting on.

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  • Hi timski, Hope you continue to do well and enjoy the gift of life. I am 2 years post and had no serious problems as such and it has changed my life massively for the better. You will soon start to feel the full benefit of your transplant and I wish you all the best. Thanks Stonebroke

  • Hi stonebroke. I had mine 2 years ago and it has been smooth all the way. Point to share are 1. Get proper weekly medicine box with with morning and evening tables in colour row. 2 never parnic whe you miss you tablet time 3. Enjoy your food "banan. Cheese yummy. but don't forget you my be in steroids so don't gain weight. Wish you luck

  • Hi timski, I'm 21 month post op and I've never had any set backs, initially some reaction to anti rejection, however nothing major and once surgeons tweeked same I've never looked back. It's one of the best ever "gift of life" I've ever been given. You enjoy your new lease of life and look after yourself and wish you many many healthy and happy years with your new kidney ( keep well).

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