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I am 24 and currently have a GFR of 12 and Creatinine of 505, i received a letter saying the hospital want to proceed with Transplantation. I have a live donor match which is my dad, he has had all of the testing done sometime ago and recently been for some more tests to ensure everything is still okay. Does anyone know how quickly things could move from this point ? I have asked my consultant but never get an answer. I have been in this position before but my GRF was up and down when they did the monthly bloods but now its staying at 12 and i have also been given monthly transplant blood cards for Manchester where i will be having the procedure when it happens.

I'd appreciate any kind of clarity or if anyone has faced something similar please comment.



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Hi. I'm 3 months post transplant from cadaver however, the chap in the adjacent bed was a recipient of a living organ. Listening to his run up story, I believe you and your father are at the closing stages. Check with the mri transplant coordinator on the next steps, they are fantastic at keeping you upto date. BTW, my transplant was in Manchester at the royal infirmary and they are one of the best in the country. I wish you both success in the procedure and you will feel so fantastic post op.


Hey I had my transplant 11 weeks ago from my mum at guys and as soon as we were given the green light guys gave me a date within the month, it maybe different for Manchester but it shunt be long, I got down to a gfr of 6 so u have time, good luck I can honestly say for me the transplant was the easy part, I've never had any pain even in hospital.


I'm post transplant now 14months following a live donor, and my kidney function us excellent, however my husband went forward to be my donor but we weren't compatible due to Antibodies clashing and when they found my donor on the live UK transplant list, and from beginning to end it was all of 14 months this including a 17 weeks delay due to my husband having to see a heart specialist ( all was fine) however i waited 9 weeks to date following the telephone call from my transplant coordinator confirming they got me a match, it would've been earlier, but it was all down to the other couples who went through the same day as us and on the day it was a three way swap. However I do think your surgeon will know what their doing and having a GFR of 12 isn't too bad as yet and the surgeons won't put you at any risk...I was at 7 and over 600 prior to my transplant. ( pre dialysis) I hope you hear very soon about a date for your transplant. I wish you all the very best for the future and before you know it, you will be in and had your transplant and back to excellent health.

Take Care..


hi chris ..i had transplant last augustand going really very important to keep positive it will help.

egfr of 15 is ok that lasted me more than three years..transplant is done at about 10 percent or slightely more..all the best take care

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Thanks Everyone for your replies i will keep you updated !



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