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Hi my name is diana and i am new to this group. So happy that i found this site, it make me feel not alone and can read information and success story from the member. I had kidney failure due to auto imune, is there anyone have the same case with me? Doctor said that if i got transplant there is a possibility it will not success, and that make me feel so sad and down, i am in stage 5 of kidney failure but stil not yet undergo dialysis. Appreciate if the member here with same case with me can share your story. -Diana-

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  • So sorry for my english, i am not native, hope you dont mind 😁

  • Aww Dianna don't feel sad . I had kidney failure over 20 years and had a transplant 19 years ago also from lupus. Gosh all will be fine when you have a transplant. Some people do have problems with rejection but with all the drugs they use now it is much better success rate. Feel free to ask me any questions I will willingly answer & help you the best I can

    Stay strong & keep smiling

    Hayley x

  • Hi Hayley, thank you very much for the insight, its really comforting. Is it true that the medicine will be taken forever and give another problem to our body? Once again thank you for your nice word Hayley. -Diana-

  • Yes unfortunately you will have to take medicines for the rest of your life but hey that's nothing compared to living the rest of your life on dialysis or even loosing your life & as for side effects well they are minimal . Certainly nothing to worry about What a celebration to be given the gift of life... A second chance !

    I hope Diana that they start the ball rolling soon for you. You will feel so much better

    All the best Hayley x

  • Hi Diana, like Hayley I too had kidney failure over 20 years ago also from Lupus and had my beautiful transplant 10 years ago. I never thought I would live to see grandchildren but now have 5. The moral of the story is......never give up hope because life is precious! Think of the tablets as Smarties and thank God for each and every one you take. Yes there are some side effects but we learn how to handle them. As Hayley says, keep strong and keep smiling ;)

    Always here to help,

    Linda x

  • Hi Diana, I think the ladies have given you great advice. I don't have an auto-immune disease, so I can't comment on that (sorry). What I can say is, fear will always be there but miracles do happen. Never give up on hope. Modern medicines has advanced so far I really believe anything is possible. Wishing you all the best.

  • Thank you very much ladies for your kind support, this is my first time getting information from people who have experience it, and it really light up me up, lifting the burden on shoulders. need to stay positive, I know its not the end of the world, much love for you all, stay healthy.

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