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Has anyone used holistic remedies for CKD3?

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  • Hello,

    I use many supplements along with nettle tea that I found when I purchased a program called the kidney disease solution. I am stage 5 but have maintained my GFR for over 2 years so I highly recommend doing the research and following what you think is right for you. I believe God led me to find this program and share it with others. I hope this helps you. You are in my prayers. God can do anything!

  • Then why doesn't he cure all of these diseases?

  • I can't answer why God heals some and not others. If I could answer that, then I'd be God. What I do know is God is with me thru all I am going thru and promised he'd never leave me and I believe that and it's comforting to me. If you don't have that peace, I pray you'll find it. As always, you're in my prayers

  • Actually, I have found peace through acceptance of what I did to bring on health issues. I fault no one for their beliefs, but I also subscribe to the belief that I don't share in public my beliefs and I count on only my doctors and I to fix what ailes me. Therefore, any blame rests on me. Not someone or something else. Of course that's just my opinion and I could be wrong.

  • Well I do share mine with every one I can. I think it's important for people to know. If you're counting on just yourself and your doctors, I feel sorry for you but will keep you in my prayers😀

  • No reason to feel sorry for me. I do what works for me with my doctors understanding and support. Pray for anyone you want but do it privately. Have a good day.

  • Per our prior discussion, I have been using holistic as well as mainstream solutions.

    My GFR actually increased and my last tests showed a decrease in protenuria.

    I take two tablespoons of flax oil twice a day. This is high in Omega 3 and helps with inflammation. I also have many food intolerances which I have to control or they will antagonize my kidney issues.

    I don't eat gluten ( I have a true intolerance, but there are studies that show gluten might add inflammation therefore injuring the kidneys- it's speculative).

    I am on a handful several times a day of various supplements and vitamins. These are specific to my personal needs as we are each different, so I am not going to list them here.

    I do take melatonin for sleep as it is very important to get 7-9 hours a night. It helps the kidneys to heal.

    I avoid foods high in omega 6 which causes inflammation. That includes all oils except olive. Small doses of coconut oil are also acceptable or small amounts of butter. I avoid eating a lot of red meat and keep my protein intake to recommended doses by the kidney foundation. Basically, I cook the majority of my meals using fresh foods so as to avoid processing, chemicals, salts and sugars. I eat lots of salads and use the flax seed oil as a dressing.

    I exercise regularly, practice yoga and meditation. I was using hibiscus tea daily for high blood pressure, but my blood pressure was so sporadic and went really high the last time I got sick that my doctor put me on lysinipryl and it is now low again. The lysinippryl will likely cause a decrease in my GFR, but is supposed to help with protenuria.

    I think the mix of Eastern and Western medicine along with excercise and proper nutrition has really helped. Keep in mind, I have made these changes in baby steps as it was pretty overwhelming for me at first.


  • Thanks Zazzel thats really helpful.

  • Possibly a better definition within the umbrella of holistic.

    There are 'complimentary' treatments, such as meditation, massage, aromatherapypy, exercise better nutrition and 'alternative' which might include Chinese Medicine, or other herbal or unregulated nutritional supplements.

    The main thing is to WORK WITH your medical team and keep them informed of what your doing. Its a free country:)

  • Just joined Yoga class. Thanks for putting things into perspective.

  • I've been doing TaiChi for the past 4 years, which I've found beneficial. Yoga should be great:)