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hi people .I am writing on this site to see if some one else is suffering form ckd-3 with only 1 working kidney which is running around 52% I just had my hospidal ap and have been told I have high colestral levels in my body , is this something to worry about as I no this cant be good for the kidney ,if any answers to this would be very greatful.......

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  • Hi I was diagnosed in 2006 with ckd-3 with a left shrivelled kidney.I was monitored until 2009 and everything stayed the same, then I changed doctors.In late 2009 I saw DrP privately and started on t3 until 6 months later became t3 only. My new doctors knew I was self medicating and wern't happy about it but my cholesterol level came down and as I was on no other medication they sort of rolled their eyes and let me get on with it,just with regular blood tests.However my records from previous doctors sat unopened for over two years(to which I have a letter admitting it and an apology saying it will never happen to anyone there again) and when they were discovered they asked me to go for three kidney function tests immediately as they had no idea I was stage 3 ckd. Anyway the outcome was I no longer have ckd my gfr's are within the normal range even with only one good working kidney.The only thing that has altered in my lifestyle has been the t3. I asked the nurse and the doctor if it was down to this and while they were none committal I am now prescribed 80mcg a day on the nhs. Sorry dont know if this is any help but there is a strong thyroid /kidney connection on the internet Jax

  • Hi,what is t3?

  • great outcome to your story ,but yea thanks but I to need to ask what t3

  • Hi T3 is liothyronnine which is the active form of t4 (levothyroxine). I took T4 happily for twenty years until the menapause when for some reason it stopped converting to T3. Every cell in our bodies need T3 so I gained four stone in a year couldn't think exhausted etc and all the nhs doctors that I saw kept saying I was eating too much or it was just the menapause and middle age spread was normal for a woman my age. SoI went privately to someone who really knew the workings of the thyroid and I have never looked back. I really think I would have been dead by now had I not sought help.

  • I have had numerous thyroid tests. So there must be something that makes them keep checking but no diagnosis of thyroid issues. Can you please message me the name of the doctor you saw.

  • Hi I'm a ckd3 with only the one ,with high cholesterol ,my kidney function is around 48 ,they wanted to put me on all sorts of pills ,when I questioned this I was told by gp that this is what they do with ckd3 ,not good enough I say ,I want to know why ,as you would know what ever you put in your mouth goes through your kidney ,my gp wanted cholesterol tablets and blood pressure tablets ,even though I don't have high blood pressure ,as for cholesterol tabs ,gp said kidney will not fur up from it ,so I said I didn't want them ,I go by how I feel ,in true I feel they are blind to this ,I get all the ckd3 tired, swollen hands feet , also pain ,but I just watch what I eat and excersise ,hope this is a little comfort to you ,

  • Thanks for that and yes I think the same , they just I've you a blood test and if that's ok just through u out the door , don't think about any other symptoms like joint pain , sleeping with back pain and so on , like 1 day u feel ok could take on the world the other days can't get out , plus I think more needs to be done for people who it hits hard mentally , as it can be a shock to be diagnosed with ckd

    But thanks all for the tips and answers . Mx

  • Hi the private doctor I saw was DR Barry Durrant Peatfield.He is retired and cannot prescribe but will tell you exactly what is wrong and where to get the correct medication that you need and with luck the nhs Dr will then prescribe for you.

  • I googled him and see that he appears to have had a controversial following. Its maybe just a coincidence that another doctor who patients have praised highly in a thread from another community also seems to have fallen foul of the GMC.

    If all patients were well there might be a lesser need for doctors or medications. But that all sounds too much like a conspiracy theory.

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