Vitamin levels in renal failure.

My area health group kidney doctors have started to write to GPs asking them to prescribe renavit, a multivitamin pill as HD removes water soluble vitamins from the blood. Because it contains folic acid that is discontinued if you are on it, as I was.

It has been approved by NICE so should be country wide soon.

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  • Its replacing Dialyavit, a similar multivitamin that has now widely been discontinued. Possibly as it was being shipped over from the USA.

  • It's not replacing it in my NHS Trust as nothing was recommended previously other than just folic acid. I had requested it because I had read the research papers on HD removing water soluble vitamins.

    I also wonder if any hormones are removed preferentially at the same time leading to a temporary hormone imbalance.

  • Have been on Renavit since I started HD 3.5 years ago