Haemodialysis and Calcification

My wife has been on APD for 2 years now. She went into hospital with lower back pain. They have diagnosed Calcification. The only cure is to put her on intensive haemodialysis for 6 days a week, with an injection of drug after each session. This will last for 6 months. Only other alternative is palliative care at home till she passes. How successful is this treatment, and can we get machine at home, as she doesn't want to travel to hospital 6 days a week as it is some distance away. She has been through a lot in last few years, losing her sight, and most recently losing a leg due to infection. She has no fight left in her and just wants to go home.

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  • sorry no one replied. not my experience but found this. can enlarge on if u wish.

    Treatments – aim to relieve symptoms and prevent complications

    •The levels of phosphate in the blood can be helped by keeping down the amount of phosphate in your diet

    •Dialysis removes some phosphate from the blood, more dialysis can help

    •It is important that sessions are not missed or shortened

    •Phosphate binders taken with food control the amount of phosphate that you take in from each meal Commonly used binders contain calcium (calcium acetate, calcium carbonate) Other types may be less effective, more expensive, or have other problems Research is needed to find out which are best


    DVDs from Kidney Research UK


    Chronic Renal Failure – from the website of EDREN – see the section on Bone Disease

    Diet in renal disease – See the section on Phosphate:

  • Thank you for that, we have discussed with doctor, and wife is going ahead with haemodialysis and a drug after each session on machine. We can only hope this works successfully.

  • It am so sorry you find yourself in this very difficult situation. I am not able to advise as I have had no experience of this condition but I agree that it is worth giving the treatment a chance. When my hubby was on chemo and we started out we just kept projecting our thoughts forward and somehow we got through it. The kidney failure which followed was an even bigger shock but as you are doing we just carry on. Very best of luck

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