Have been diagnosed with a ventral/incisional hernia. Anyone else had this?

Few days a go I was doing a daytime dwell on PD and noticed a protruding swelling round near the incision of where I had my catheter fitted. It was also sore and tender to touch. Turns out I have a hernia and the incision has split open, causing my stomach to protrude out. I was informed that this was quite common amongst PD patients but mainly older ones. (I'm only 26) does anyone have experience with this? I've been told I gotta have surgery to fix it, but I'm worried about the recovery of it all. I suffered a lot of complications having the PD catheter fitted in the first place so it's installed some kind of fear in me that I might have to go through with it again. Can anyone give me an insight to it all?

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  • Hi, I went to urgent care this morning with a lump beneath the incision site from a keyhole hysterectomy 4 weeks ago... was told it is a hernia and to discuss with my GP on Monday. The dr said that repair is very simple and recovery time short ie less than 2 weeks. Hopefully we will both find him to be right! Mine is exposing part of bowel rather than stomach. I hope things go straight forwardly for you.

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