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Indigestion problems


No longer able to get Ranitidine or Zantac, so has anyones indigestion got worse, and what have you been prescribed as a safe alternative?

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Hi, my doctors have me on pantoprazole (pantoloc) du to possible sides effects of the rejection meds. Haven’t had any indigestion/heart burn with it. Hope it helps!

Stexx in reply to Amyb93

Thanks Amy, my doctors are trying to avoid the drugs ending zole due to some long term side affects they can sometimes have.

Lionkin in reply to Stexx

Hi Stexx... I took pantoprazole too for only 2 months after transplant & Stopped, however if ever got pain in the stomach ...The team said ok to take pantoprazole once in a way, ( I did have a donor) so far so good completed 14 month - however if the toxicity got worse ... it was once mentioned that possibly switch to myfortic ..from mycophenol ( btw: never had to pursue that avenue). Good Luck

I was on Pantoprazole for about 18 months post transplant. Doctor took me off and said I could use over the counter medicine as needed. However, there are some side effects - this class of medications affects some blood levels. Double check with your nephrologist. I stopped taking the OTC medicine and just suck it up and try to avoid eating too much in one sitting. Seems to help.

Stexx in reply to Herkidney

Yes, likewise my doctor’s don’t want me to take any of the zole drugs for a prolonged period.

I was put on famotidine/pepcid for that. Working so far, 18 months.

Stexx in reply to DexterLab

Thanks, another one to consider.

I have switched to Tagament/Cimetidine when zantac was pulled. With hiatal hernia and acid reflex both had to take something. Notorious fast eating so have been working on slowing down eating my meals too and that helps to a point. I miss my takeaway chicken wings 😢.

Stexx in reply to pops81

Thanks, sorry to hear about the fried chicken embargo; my indigestion problems are solely down to the transplant drugs side affects.

My solution was a low carb diet. Does wonders for 8 yrs. 8&1/2 yrs post transplant

Stexx in reply to Drdetroit

Yes increasingly looking like a good option

Hello Stexx, I am taking Famotidine 20mg tabs, twice a day. Seems to help. However, there are times when I need a Tums. If a eat something even moderately spicy. Good luck! We'll be praying for you.

WYOAnneNKF Ambassador

I do take Omeprazole daily and if I have any break through heart burn I take Pepcid complete. My transplant team are the ones that actually started me on the Omeprazole and take twice a day. My indigestion is due to my transplant meds, Tums don't do anything to help any more. I swear by Pepcid complete.

Always check with your doctors/nephrologist before taking anything, even OTC.

Good luck!

Stexx in reply to WYOAnne

The transplant teams have put their patients (us) on the indigestion drugs and Zantac & Ranitidine have recently been taken off the lists, as currently they’re not considered to be safe. Likewise, there are increasing concerns about taking the group of drugs ending in zole for long periods of time, but short term they still seem to be fine.


Many transplant patients have low vitamin d levels. Low vitamin d levels are one of the main reasons for having GI issues, gout and stomach. Try to do a blood to check ur vitamin d levels. I have started taking vitamin d supplements and I have less issues with my stomach now. Hope that helps, good luck.

High, good point thanks. Yes I know that my own vit d. & Ca levels are fine as I’ve had kidney problems for many years, and taken steroids, so have taken lots of dietary advice, and get plenty of outdoor time.

Tahmed251 in reply to Stexx

Steroids lower vitamin d levels in the blood. So keep an eye on vitamin d levels for time to time. Good luck.

My doctor has me on famotidine 20 mg. Take in the am with my meds! At first I got a prescription of it but now I just buy it OTC as my insurance refused to pay for the prescription.