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Is any Kidney Transplanted Person going to job? If yes How your taking precautions


I have underwent Kidney transplant in year 2014,India. i am doing fine now but i have to return to work or loose job. is there anyone going to job now any tips or suggestions

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i asked my Doctors regarding it but they mentioned take care and follow precautions but finally its your call to go out for job. Eben going out to buy groceries its scary

LisaSnow in reply to Aashith

I understand that not everyone is able to work from home. Just be EXTRA careful with wearing mask, changing them if suspect of contamination, keeping 6 feet distance from people at work, and wash your hands as often as possible. Stay alert!

Aashith in reply to LisaSnow

Thank you. I will follow all the hygiene and be extra careful. but most of the people wear mask below their nose or dont wear at all thats my most worrying concern

Hi Aashith, just had my 11th year post transplant anniversary appointment with my medical team. My dr. said that if the restaurant I work at is being very cautious, ( of course I am) I may return to work on a very part time basis.

All the best to you as we navigate through these crazy times.

Aashith in reply to March-31-09

Thank you and All the best to you too. Stay safe

I work in a hospital. I had my transplant in April and returned to work after 12 weeks. This is my second week back to work.

Thank you. Very assuring. All the best and Take care

Thank you. Taking many precautions. And other than work I don't really go anywhere . Stay safe!

Since a restaurant is involved in your work routine, There is an element of unknown, you really don't know specially in case of asymptomatic covid people-(from what I Understand they shed maximum virus), I would wear in addition to the mask were a face shield too.

Aashith in reply to Lionkin

i think we have to look at each and every person apart from family members as a suspect. and Trust family members that they follow all guidelines and be extra careful.

I am mainly concerned about markets and grocery shops. people dont follow social distancing there also many dont wear masks properly. It may be just a flu according to them but its not the same for us.

LisaSnow in reply to Aashith

Can you wear N95 mask at work?

Aashith in reply to LisaSnow

I can wear (8 hours of work i have to wear)but most of the masks claiming to be N95 in India are fake. I heard people duplicate even 3M respirators.

My husband (almost 4 years post transplant) has been working and never got a break since the virus started. He's GM at a restaurant, but since phase 1 begin people still prefer takeout instead of dine in. He's been extra careful, Wear his mask and hand sanitize all the time. Good luck to you.

Aashith in reply to Arih

Thank you.

All the best for your husband and entire family. stay safe

I am also from india , and as per the condition of our country because of this covid issue... i think you should avoid going out.. or talk to yoir doctor about this , because my doctor clearly restricted me to going out even my brother and dad go for work when they enter the house i don't meet them just be in my room and at morning when the go out after that i wear mask before going out of my room..(suggested by my doctor even one of my friend who is also a transplant patient doing same we both are under different doctors but the suggestion is same)

I started going to job from 3rd August. i asked for a separate room and the company allowed it. i wear a 3M half face respirator (7502) with P100 filters (7093). as its used by doctors.

What you say is a best option. so i had quit work in May and was staying in home for 2 months. but the more i stayed in home the more scared i was regarding COVID. (and started to get depressed)

i interact with limited persons. always ask the opposite person to wear mask.

and pray to god so that he take care.

Just take it easy on your eating habits because you tend to loose control while working.

Aashith in reply to David1982

Thank you.

I carry home cooked food and water bottle to workplace.

I stopped eating outside when their Covid started.

I'm a teacher and here are some of the precautions I take:

1) When I get home, take off your work clothes ASAP (have separate clothes to wear at home that never go outside)

2) Take a shower after work if you feel like it

3) Take off your shoes and don't wear work shoes around the house

4) Wash your hands after every interaction

5) Don't touch door handles (use foot, back or elbows to open doors if possible)

Good luck to you!!


Stay safe and all the best

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