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Telemedicine during the Pandemic


I am on the transplant list and was due for my biannual follow-up visit with transplant team tomorrow. Just found out today they planned to do it via telemedicine - I declined and instead opted to go on a waiting list for when they do open the office. Does anybody have experience with this? I'm not really sure of the value of telemedicine in this instance as I don't really have any questions for them and they cannot physically assess me (except to ask me questions) via camera. I'll have my labs drawn elsewhere. Thoughts?

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Hi Bax509,

A friend recently had a review and said it was very positive. Sharing what she said;

“The meeting with the transplant team went very well. I met with a doctor, a social worker, a dietician, and a coordinator. It was basically a review of my health and habits of the last year.

Nobody could tell me when I would recieve a kidney, but they were all positive that it would probably be soon.”

Hope this helps

Probably best to do the telemedicine visit so you stay current on the waitlist. I'm post-tx and did my last visit that way - it was fine.

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You may have a long wait if you want an in-person visit and I am sure you want to stay on the transplant list.

I recently had a telemedicine appt with my nephrologist. I have had a transplant. It was like being there sitting across from him. I had a rash from one of my meds and could even show him through the video feed. He had me take my BP and temp before the appt so I could report it to him.

Especially, because you are still waiting for your "kidney", the transplant team will be asking you the questions. I think the appt is vital for the team to assess your health and wellness for a transplant. Also, there are probably some other tests they will order to keep you on the transplant list.

In the future, I would not turn down a telemedicine appointment, especially for a transplant team appt.

Hello, I can understand your concerns. However, this telemed thing is NEW to everyone including the doctors. I had my transplant a little over a year ago, and opted to do the telemed for the monthly check up. It's been a very long time since there has been any "hands-on" things during a visit, other than taking blood pressure. Since the telemed is not a hands-on, I would recommend doing it anyway just to "check-in" and talk to the dr. about how you are feeling and any concerns you may have.

Thanks for replies. I’ve been assured by my coordinator that going on wait list for an in-person appt will not affect my ability to get a kidney or affect “acquiring time” on the transplant list. My health status is unchanged from last follow-up visit. I’m a nurse so I guess the team has faith in my judgement about whether I come in now or a month from now. I have been regular in getting my PRAs & renal lab draws so they have that info. The other labs & chest X-ray will happen when I have that appt. They’re not pushing it so I’m not either. Again, thanks for taking time to reply. Hope you all stay safe & sound!

I just had my video appt with my nephrologist and regular Doctor. I actually preferred it. I can show my BP, weight and temp. Saves me a long drive!

I did mine at MUSC in Charleston . They have gone to the WEBEX as well. It’s not bad for kidney patients because our whole story lies in the bloodwork we get on regular basis. So Don’t worry and put everything on a paper ie swelling, adjusting fo a new Med,Exercise and you get the picture . Good luck to you.

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