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Well today makes 2 years I have been on dialysis. It hasn't been the best. But it could be much worse. I think the hardest part for me was accepting that my life was about to change. I'm only 25 and being told my kidney was failing and I had to get on dialysis scared. AND since then finding a job and paying bills have been a struggle and challenge. But some way some way things have worked out sometime. I'm just ready to get my life back. I have been stressed alot.

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Hang in there. Wishing you a good new year.

My adult son was on dialysis for 2 years and one month until my dear friend donated a kidney. No one in our family matched or they had health issues of their own. He went to a clinic three times a week for dialysis. That was physically very difficult for him exhausting. I was trained on home hemo-dialysis and he then did treatment five days a week, but not as much fluid was removed, which made it easier on him. He didn't have the energy to work. Our dialysis clinic's social worker was helpful in applying for benefits such as SS Disability and his primary care physician was also helpful in searching out benefits for ESRD. I hope things become easier for you and wish you a good 2019.

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