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Kidney transplant 5 month back


My mother had renal transplant 5 month back im her living donor she has mild to moderate hydronephrosis on transplanted kidney her other reports are ok is there any one who experienced the same problem what is better treatment for this we are very much worried about her condition she dosen’t have any other symptoms she os fine only this hydronephrosis seen in her ultrasound

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I was diagnosed with hydronephrosis at one year post kidney transplant. My Transplant nephrologist and urologist put me on tamsulosin, which is working well to keep fluid off my Kidney transplant by making my bladder work more efficiently. I know it is easy to worry about any challenges with a kidney transplant but I find having complete faith in my Transplant team makes a huge difference. I know they want my kidney transplant to stay as healthy as possible. Trust in our team is so important.

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Thank you so much she is also taking tamsolin but report is same from the beginning only mild hydronephrosis

The common thought is reflux and/or a blockage, your doc's should do a VCUG and possibly a cystoscopy, and maybe a CT depending what they see on the VCUG.

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Thank you tomorrow we have appointment with transplant team hope they suggest us better options

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