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Expensive Holistic Options to stop UTI's and works!


I have had 2 kidney transplants. The first one in 1978 that listed until 2001 and then the 2nd transplant in 2001...still going strong. But there is this problem I have with UTI's and finally after 3 decades I went to a urologist at UCSF. My question is...it seems like there is no cure for this. they will do a procedure to go into my uteras and take a look around. But my urologist gave me some great alternative medicene that has been said that is working for many. Probiotics..$30+, a vaginal cream that does not go inside but sits on the vulva to protect bacteria from coming in. A special cranberry very powerful cranberry pill taken daily and an antibiotic to be taken before sex. Why does Medicare not pay for any of this??? If it is something that works and prevents UTI which can lead to kidney failure if you do not catch the infection on time! How do we convince medicare to take a look at this?

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I use Hiprex, probiotics and was on macrodantin for years to avoid UTIs. I ended up in the hospital many times with UTIs or kidney infections before starting this regimen. I understand your frustrations. I am dealing with the same thing with stomach issues - I want to go to functional doctor and have stool and breath tests done but they cost a lot of money.

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